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Campus prayer group lifts students, faculty up in prayer

Vijay Stephen | The Feather Online

Dorina Lazo-Gilmore leads the Moms in Christ group in a devotional during their weekly Thursday meeting in the JJ Room at 8 a.m.

Going on their third year, campus prayer group Moms in Christ engage in Thursday morning gatherings to pray for each other as well as families, students and staff.

Originally launched by Christina Saelzler and meeting at 8 a.m., Moms in Christ is now lead by several members including Dawn Hinton, Murray Morgan, Dorina Gilmore-Young and Silva Emerian.

Silva Emerian was asked to help out with Moms in Christ and later became a leader in the group. As a member of Moms in Christ, Emerian shares the various actions taken to connect campus moms.

“I’m organized so I do the communication end of the group and it’s really helped me connect with the other moms here,” Emerian said. “It’s given me an opportunity to reach out to new moms and invite them in and it gives us a chance to come together and pray together and keep our focus on Christ. It’s not just a school, it’s a family. We’re a community and we’re looking out for each other all the time, praying for each other.”

In the following podcast, Celeste Castañeda discusses the Moms in Prayer group with Silva Emerian.

Emerian also leads sixth grade girls in a middle school Bible study, God’s Girls. Meeting twice a month, Emerian has similar goals for the sixth graders and the members of Moms in Christ.

“Basically I try to help the girls get through the year with school stuff, relationship stuff and friendship stuff,” Emerian continued. “I try to give them good advice and we’re always focused on the Bible. We pray together, so there’s definitely similarity in covering our school and each other in prayer.”

Vijay Stephen | The Feather Online

Campus moms pray for each other as well as families, students and staff.

Moms in Christ members view their children’s’ difficulties and take action to help. They address their children’s’ struggles at Moms in Christ and pray for them, along with those who may have children going through similar situations.

Meeting every Thursday at 8 a.m., Moms in Christ pray for various topics, but they all revolve around the FC students and staff.

“We pray with each other first so that we can pray for each other’s children,” Emerian continued. “Dorina (Gilmore-Young) gives a weekly devotional for about 10 minutes on a different verse. Her theme this year is “Walk, Run, Soar.” Afterwards we say a corporate prayer, praying for two teachers or staff plus a grade of kids every week.”

The next Moms in Christ meetings will be held at 8 a.m. in the JJ Room in the high school building, Oct. 10, 17, 24 and 31. The group continues prayer for campus students and faculty.

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