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Senior excels in football, local workplace

Courtesy Zeke Fuller

Senior Zeke Fuller participated in pee-wee football at FCS while at the age of eight.

From practicing football to preparing fries at In-N-Out, Ezekiel (Zeke) Fuller, ‘20, has leadership aspirations. As a member of the FCS football team for his second year, Fuller boasts the title of a team captain this season.

Fuller’s dreams and aspirations for this football season consist of growing closer as a team and if possible, winning the Valley Championship. Fuller also retells his most favorable football memory

“My hope this year is to excel as a team,” Fuller said. “Winning Valley would be the ultimate goal, but as long as I’m playing football and having fun with my teammates, that’s all that matters. One of my favorite memories from last year was when I got my first sack at the homecoming game.”

Before attending FCS, Fuller bounced around different schools. He attended First Church Christian Academy, Buchanan High School and also experienced homeschooling.        

“I was homeschooled from preschool to fourth grade,” Fuller said. “Fourth grade through eighth grade I was at a private school called First Church Christian Academy. Going into high school I transferred to Buchanan High School for freshman and sophomore year.” 

Buchanan’s football team greatly limited Fuller’s playing time due to its large size. FCS presented an opportunity for him to play more and gain experience.  

“I transferred to FCS for my junior year mainly because of football,” Fuller said. “There were around 70 guys on Buchanan’s varsity team so I wasn’t getting any playing time. I saw an opportunity to transfer to FCS and play here. Football was a big reason, but there were also a lot of little reasons to why I wanted to go here. I play as right guard and defensive end, so I’m playing on both offense and defense.”

In the following podcast, Brayden Iest talks with Zeke Fuller about football and working at In-N-Out.

Even before attending FCS, Fuller knew individuals on the football team from church. This contributed to why he transferred.  

“Another reason I transferred was because I knew people at FCS who also played football,” Fuller said. “I knew Bailey and Tyler Stotts, Nick and Anthony Lonardo and Nate Edwards because I went to church with them. This year I feel like I have developed a deeper friendship with Tyler Krueger.”

Tyler Krueger, ‘20, played alongside Fuller last season. Krueger praises Fuller’s drive to perform better during practice and in games.  

“I have known Zeke for a little over a year,” Kruger said. “He is a very outgoing and energetic football player. On the field he always gives 100% no matter if we are in practice or a game. He always strives to be better at his position and to understand everything about football. When I say everything, I mean everything. He is always asking the coaches for advice on how to improve. He is always helpful to the underclassmen and wants them to achieve their full potential.” 

Megan LeBlanc | The Feather Online

Football captain Zeke Fuller, ’20, transferred to Fresno Christian from Buchanan high school to improve his football playing time.

As a FCS football coach for seven years and head coach for four years, Russ Counts comments on Fuller’s character and enthusiasm.   

“Zeke is one of the most enthusiastic players that has ever played for me,” Counts said. “His dedication to grow in the game and his passion to perform at his best are distinct character traits that show just what a solid young man Zeke is. His future is his to write.”

Fuller works at In-N-Out burger chain. He progressed from cashier and drive-thru attendant to his current status of a level three employee. Fuller comments on how the effects work and school show in his daily routine. 

“I am a level three, which means I work on fries,” Fuller said. “It’s a little hard to balance work and school, especially during the football season. However, it is nice to have the extra money since I’m a senior.”

Courtesy Zeke Fuller

Zeke Fuller, ’20, (right) and his younger brother Seth Fuller, ’22, played flag football at First Church Christian Academy.

After high school, Fuller plans to attend community college or serve in either the Air Force or Coast Guard. He enjoys the idea of simultaneously serving his country and planning what he desires to major in during college.         

“I’m considering going into the Air Force or the Coast Guard,” Fuller said. “If I don’t go into one of those I’ll probably go to community college. A big appeal for the Coast Guard and Air Force is the fact that they give you a GI bill which pays for your college. I am not completely sure of what I want to do, so I could figure it out while serving.”

Zeke’s father, Jason Fuller, observes the character traits Zeke possess that influence the way he plays football and lives life. Jason comments on Zeke’s persistence and drive to follow God.     

“My son Zeke plays football the way he lives his life: he puts his whole heart into it,” Jason said. “When he was in pee-wee football he was far from one of the best kids on the field. However, he worked so hard and pushed himself to get better because he just loves football so much. This zeal for life can be seen in so many places in his life, but especially in his walk with Jesus. Zeke doesn’t want to be a half hearted follower, but someone who follows Jesus with everything he has. This wholeheartedness is what’s made Zeke someone who can be counted on, both on and off the field.”

Zeke and the FCS football team will next host Frazier Mountain, Thursday, Oct. 17. Note this is a location and date change.

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