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Colleges, universities visit campus, advance students’ college search

College representatives, students and staff members gather in the PC gym to engage in the annual college fair at lunchtime, Oct. 15. Twenty-four private, state, community and military colleges from California to Colorado arrived on campus to connect with students and inform them of college opportunities.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

George Fox University representative Ryan Forbes (left to right) talks about the benefits of his school with juniors Ellie Scully, Jewel Chandler, Natalie Arndt and Hannah Van Noy, Oct. 15.

The campus fair is the first part of a day of college immersion. Christian colleges from the FC fair and others from around the country visit Hope Lutheran Church for the North American Coalition for Christian Admissons Professionals (NACCAP) fair, 6 p.m. Over 2,000 students attend the fair annually, refining their college searches and engaging with Christian college representatives.

As seniors narrow down their top college choices and juniors sift through opportunities beyond high school, college fairs aid students in choosing a school that fulfills their expectations. The one-on-one attention from college representatives and alumni allows students to process their college search.

Motivates all classes to begin looking into universities
Evangelina Tello, FC Academic Advisor
Oct. 15, 2019

“I think it’s a great opportunity for students to be in contact with our college reps. For many of our students this was their first college fair and this was the first time they were actually starting their college planning. My main advice for students is to not stop. So as they are looking into colleges, look into all UCs, USCs and use some college matchmakers and see what lines up. College planning does not stop. It starts now all the way to senior year. If anything, I think freshman year is the perfect time to start college planning.”

Shares unique qualities of his alma mater
Taurrean Hundley, Azusa Pacific University representative
Oct. 15, 2019

“I think it’s important that students attend college fairs. It’s good for kids to gather information from each college, seeing what they may be interested in and finding that perfect fit to spend their four years at. Azusa is one of the largest Christian universities on the West Coast. Something that sets us apart from other colleges are our four cornerstones of, Christ, scholarship, community and service. APU is a place that I call home still to this day.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Colleges offer pamphlets, brochures and stickers to inform students of opportunities on their campus.

Encourages juniors to begin college search
Michael Cruz, Hope International University director of undergraduate admissions
Oct. 15, 2019

“The earlier you start the better. For juniors, I think it’s really important as you head into the last years of high school, to give yourself a foundation of what type of school you’re going to. It’s a good time to start asking the questions like if you’re going away, or what size of school, and then you can identify college choices based on the answers. Here we believe in Christian education and want to be available for students to look into in this area. Our smaller size is something that sets us apart and is more of a personal experience.”

Promotes Christian college environment
Jordan Leseberg, Whitworth University academic counselor
Oct. 15, 2019

“We came out here today because there’s a lot people at Fresno Christian who want to go to a smaller Christian school. We have over 100 majors and minors students can choose from so there is a lot of academic interest that can fit students. It benefits me because it gives me an opportunity to give Whitworth exposure. We’re in Spokane, Washington so we’re kinda tucked away and little bit of a smaller university. So a lot of the time students don’t know about us until I come to college fairs, so it’s great exposure to be here.”

Impressed with event, participated in Marines challenge
Benjamin Vaipan, ‘20
Oct. 1, 2019

“I think the whole event was pretty good! The Marines’ pull up bar gave students an opportunity to challenge themselves with, and see what it’s like to truly be a marine. I attempted to beat my personal best which was really fun.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Freshman Mateo Pascual participates in the Marines pull-up challenge at the College Fair.

Strives for student exposure, future attendance prospects
Hanna DiMeola, William Jessup University representative
Oct. 15, 2019

“My job is to talk with students about what college they want to go to and the unique parts and aspects. About what Jessup can offer you, so I came out to have those conversations with students. Then hopefully get the seniors to apply and to come and visit our campus in Sacramento.”

Challenged spiritually by university professors
Ryan Forbes, George Fox University undergraduate admissions counselor
Oct. 15, 2019

“The nice thing at George Fox is all our faculty and staff sign a statement of faith. So we get to have conversations in the classroom about like, what does it mean to be an engineer and a Christian, should your work be any different? So I had professors personally challenge me in the classroom and how to take your passion of what you want to do as a career and align that with God’s calling on your life. High school is a great opportunity to explore different clubs and stuff like that because there is often a lot of opportunities available at universities. So figure out what your interested in and lean into those opportunities.”

In the following tweet, students visit with college representatives at the FC college fair, Oct. 15.

Intrigued by Navy nuclear fusion program
Micah Sue, ‘22
Oct. 15, 2019

“There’s a lot of great Christian colleges here and there’s a large selection so I really like that. I’m interested in Clovis Community for the sake of transferring and saving money but everything else, I’m not too interested. I mean, the Navy, they have a nuclear fusion program so that’s kind of interesting but other than that, not many interest me. I think it would be nice if next year to get one or two UC’s. I know it’s hard to get people, especially at a smaller school like Fresno Christian. But, I know there’s other college fairs and that’s why you go to those.”

Impacts students through college admissions
Emily Sagherian, Biola University admissions counselor
Oct. 15, 2019

“I went to Biola. I started five years ago and I have grown so much as a person, spiritually and professionally. The best decision that I’ve made was to come to Biola so I always tell students that whenever you’re looking into school, if you see yourself in four years becoming a certain person, how does that school help you get there. Right now of course I’m an admissions counselor but helping other students who are interested in Biola it’s just such a cool thing that God has put in front of me and so I’ve been able to use everything that I’ve learned at Biola to make an impact in that world once I was done.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Azusa Pacific University representative Taurrean Hundley (left to right) speaks about college preparation with freshmen Owen McCann and Kamden Marquez,.

Looks to join Air Force or Coast Guard after graduation
Zeke Fuller, ‘20
Oct. 15, 2019

“This year’s college fair was really informative and it was really good. I got a lot of new information and a lot of places I didn’t know I got to learn about. I’m interested in joining either the Air Force or the Coast Guard and taking the time to learn what I want to do. I also enjoyed getting to talk to the Navy and the Marines but I’m mainly focused on the Air Force and the Coast Guard. Next year, I think it would be cool if they added the Air Force to this college fair or even having Fresno City College come.”

Anticipates pursuing future out of Fresno
Hannah Villines, ’21
Oct. 15, 2019

“I’m not going to lie I’m most looking forward to going away. I love my life and where I’m at but I can’t wait for new experiences and try to adult on my own. This college fair has opened up my eyes to lots of new options, I’m just trying to keep an open mind. I’m more leaning to GCU, Point Loma and maybe even Biola. I’m not sure what I want to major in just yet but, my backup plan is to majoring in business minoring in theology.”

Did you attend the FC or NAACAP college fairs? Share your favorite parts in the comments below!

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