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Cheer clinic celebrates its 38th year on campus

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Morgan Parker, ’21, (front left) and Amanda Grimmius, ’19, (front right) lead second grade girls in cheers during last year’s cheer clinic. Practices help young girls get used to performing in front of crowds.

Gather your pom-poms and bows, the annual elementary cheer clinic is taking place, Oct. 21-24 with a performance at the Friday night football game against Alpaugh High School, Oct. 25. 

Varsity and junior high cheerleaders will be helping lead young girls in various dances and activities. This clinic is used as a fundraiser to help cover some of the costs of the varsity and junior high girls attending the FCC West Coast National Championships in Southern California next year.

The clinic will take place on the north field of the Peoples Church campus. The practices will be from 3:15 – 4:30 p.m. Girls who attend will be learning different cheer, dances and stunt combos.

All materials learned will be showcased during the football game and halftime, Oct. 25. The registration fee for the week is $45 for one girl and another $25 for another girl in the same family.

Bella Rodriguez, ‘22, is partaking in her first year on the varsity cheer team. The upcoming week will be Rodriguez’s first clinic as a leader. 

“I am very excited for cheer clinic,” Rodriguez said. “I expect a lot of craziness but good crazy. I would like to lead the group which is as young as possible, I think I’m very good with kids that are younger. My nickname as a leader could be like ‘Bells’ or ‘Belle’ or something along those lines. Nothing too crazy but easy to remember. I am very excited for the fun day and excited to see what the ideas are.” 

The following Instagram post features a poster advertising the cheer clinic. Follow @fresnochristiancheer to see some posts of cheer clinic, Oct. 21-24.


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It’s that time of year again! Sign up for the elementary cheer clinic! 🦅

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Kayden Marquez, ‘20, a fourth-year varsity cheerleader will help lead cheer clinic during her first year as a team captain. Marquez is a back for her stunt group and enjoys learning new stunts and encouraging her team.

“I am so excited to help with this years cheer clinic especially since it’s my last one!” Marquez said. “I have helped lead all different grades through my varsity years. I started off my first two years with second and third graders and last year I helped lead fifth and sixth graders. It’s a little sad knowing that this will be my last cheer clinic but I am so happy and impressed to see how the school and the cheer program has grown.”

The following tweet from Feather staffer Morgan Parker, ’21, features a short video advertising the cheer clinic.

Former campus cheer coach Eunie McEntee started the cheer clinic for little girls at Fresno Christian for in 1982. Bonds between “littles” and “bigs” can grow from cheer clinic and throughout the year, with many cheer clinic participants joining cheer during junior high or high school. Marquez continued her thoughts on the cheer clinic and the joy it brings her to lead.

“I love all my little cheerleaders!” Marquez said. “It makes my day when I’m walking around campus and hear my girls calling me ‘Carebear’ and telling me how they can’t wait till the next cheer clinic.”

Campus fifth grader, Peyton Porter, ‘27, is looking forward to the upcoming cheer clinic. This will be Porter’s fifth year participating as a “little” in the cheer clinic.

“I have participated in every cheer clinic except one when I was out of town,” Porter said. “My favorite part about the cheer clinics is learning new stunts. My favorite leader is ‘Honey’ and my favorite fun cheer is ‘Go Bananas’. I am looking forward to going back because we’re learning more fun cheers and dances. I am hoping to cheer in junior high and high school when I get older too.”

In the following podcast, junior Faith Monroy interviews cheerleading coach Hope Villines about the upcoming elementary cheer clinic.

Marquez recalls her most memorable cheer clinic moment.

“My favorite cheer clinic memory would have to be my first time being introduced,” Marquez said. “Each cheerleader has to be introduced by a fun name. I couldn’t think of a name so right before we introduced ourselves; I took a quiz on ‘Buzzfeed’ with the team and the result was carebear. So, now I am known as Carebear.”

The last day to register for cheer clinic was Oct. 18, with forms available in Lisa Dooley’s office. Contact her via email for more information.

For more information on the campus cheer program and its beginnings, read Eunie McEntee impacts cheerleader’s lives and FCS honors long time FCS teacher Eunie McEntee.

Faith Monroy can be reached via her via email.

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