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Fresno events offer ways to enjoy autumn

Vijay Stephen | The Feather Online

Pumpkins are available to purchase in all different shapes and colors. At Planet Pumpkin, the price is determined by the weight.

Crisp and colorful leaves start to signal the beginning of fall. This time often provides new activities that are only available during the season for friends and families to attend.

One place to visit in the Valley is the pumpkin patch. A popular patch is Planet Pumpkin. Located on First and Nees, the pumpkin patch helps create a place where young and old can enjoy themselves. Planet Pumpkin offers face painting and carnival rides for kids and food trucks and various photo-ops for parents. 

Ashley Logan, ’22, visited Planet Pumpkin this weekend with her family and friends. Logan enjoyed getting to visit and partake in the activities offered there. 

“I visited Planet Pumpkin this weekend,” Logan said. “We went on the ferris wheel and the giant slide. Going to the pumpkin patch is one of our fall traditions. My sister and I plan on carving the pumpkins we purchased with our parents tonight. I recommend going to the pumpkin patch with your family or friends because it is super fun and cute.”

Planet Pumpkin will be celebrating its ninth year of its status as a local pumpkin patch spot. October 31 will be the last opportunity to visit the venue. Parking and admission is free. Pumpkin prices are decided on the weight while rides are one to two dollars depending on the ride. The pumpkin patch is open during the week, 9 a.m.-10 p.m. On weekends they open an additional hour, 9 a.m.-11 p.m.

Another fall activity is Ghost Golf. Ghost Golf is offered year round and is located in the Lin’s Fusion Chinese restaurant’s parking lot on Blackstone and San Jose Ave. Ghost Golf provides an 18 hole miniature golf adventure filled with spooky pop-ups along the way. 

Junior at Clovis East, Brayden Carlo enjoyed going to Hobb’s with his youth group at New Hope Community Church. In the following podcast, Carlo shares about his experience. 

Admission for 11 year olds and up is $14 and $10 for those under 11. Three-year-olds and younger are free with a purchased adult ticket. They are open seven days a week and hours vary throughout the week. This coming November they will be closed on Mondays. 

Another event to visit at night is Hobb’s Grove. During the day, the location serves as a Pumpkin Grove but at night it transforms into a eerily-themed venue filled with nightcrawlers and ghouls. Prices for each night may vary on their website based on red, purple and black out dates. 

Hobb’s Grove will be open this season, Oct. 4 – Nov. 2. There are three different ways to purchase tickets: at Hobb’s Grove, online or at Sierra Vista Mall. Hobb’s offers three attractions. Attractions are filled with jump-scares and crew members attempting to create a frightening effect. Eight-year-olds and under are not permitted in the House and Forest attraction. According to the business, the ride with the least amount of fright is the Hayride attraction which is offered for all ages. 

The center of Hobb’s is called The Midway. At the Midway you can enjoy food from vendors while shops to pick up pictures and clothing is offered to purchase.

Faith Monroy

Open year round, Ghost Golf is an indoor miniature golf. Throughout the 18 hole course guests are met with various “scares”.

Kailee Stock, a junior at Clovis High, enjoys attending Hobb’s Grove. Stock feels Hobb’s Grove is a great place to visit and enjoy with friends. 

“I have visited Hobb’s six times this year,” Stock said. “Hobb’s is my favorite place because I love the environment. I enjoy going on weekdays instead of weekends because it is less crowded. Gerald is my favorite character there. All the trips I have been my favorite because I have went with different people each time. I would highly recommend Hobb’s for others.”

Faith Monroy can be reached via email.

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