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Bella Johns | The Feather Online

Students transition into weekly tap sessions for the Newsies musical tap sequence, Oct. 28.

Fresno Christian drama students under Spotlight Productions, take tap dancing classes after school in preparation for the upcoming musical, Newsies,  Oct. 28. The FC drama department over the years has showcased many skills but never before have the students been given the opportunity to train tap dancing skills. 

New Drama teacher and tap instructor, Megan Conner invests her time towards the tap rehearsal to help students for the first tap sequence in an FC production. Conner talks about the tap class and background information.

“There are approximately 20 students in tap class.”, Conner said. “We are using any donated funds to help provide infrastructure for a new theater program, as well as supporting our new outreach service program. Tap has not been involved in an FC production before.”

Ashley Logan, ’22, has joined in the production and participates in the tap class.

“I knew that there was going to be dancers and I thought it would be something fun to try with my friends,” Logan said. “Last time I was involved in drama was during the fifth grade in a school play.”

Tap class will be every Monday from 5-5:30 p.m. in the drama room (upstairs in the PC gym on the right side). There is a total of 17 tap sessions that students pay $5 each fora total of $85. You will get to witness the dedication of these dancers in the upcoming production of Newsies, this February.

To learn more about Newsies, read Spotlight Productions: Newsies musical open call campus auditions.

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Newsies production hosts tap rehearsal, Oct. 28.

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