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Julia Fikse

When taking the behind the wheel test, its necessary to have proof of insurance, registration and instruction permit. California law requires students to be 16 years or older to take the licensed test.

At the age of 15, many students often start to take interest in driving. The first step in the process is taking a drivers ed class, which according to California age requirements can begin at 14 years old. 

Through the advancement of technology, the drivers ed course is now available online requiring 30 hours for completion.  This course provides the materials needed to pass a series of quizes and advance through various sections passing the class.  

Once online certification is completed, students take their permit test at the local DMV. It is recommended to make an appointment months before. The next step in getting your license is to  get behind the wheel training with a certified instructor.

Permit driver Isabella Hutcheson ,’22, completed her drivers ed through an online course.

“I liked the online course, you got to take your time and go at your own pace,” Hutcheson said. “I was able to do it anywhere and anytime when I had a device.”

After passing the permit test, DMV requires six months of practice before going to take a behind the wheel test. During the time of waiting, student drivers must complete 50 hours of driving along with taking driving lessons with a professional instructor.

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