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Annabelle Messer | The Feather Online

Senior Deborah Ingerson wears her scrunchies, Birkenstocks, and holds her Hydro Flask, Nov. 7.

Senior Deborah Ingerson wears essentials to be considered a ‘VSCO girl’, Nov. 5. VSCO is a picture editing app where users can choose from a range of different filters as well as change the exposure, saturation, clarity, etc. Anyone can post on the free app.

While most social media platforms show followers and likes, VSCO does not. This app is a way to express your creativity and life to others without competition between likes and followers. 

This popular app has become associated with a female stereotype of teenage girls. Many girls have hopped on the trend of becoming a “VSCO girl”, and many now fit this stereotype. VSCO girls usually wear Birkenstocks, crocks, oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, white nike socks, Nike Air Force ones, scrunchies, layered jewelry, and use Hydro Flasks

As “VSCO girls” have become a fad, many make fun of them. VSCO girls are said to laugh like,”sksksksksk,” and when they drop their Hydro Flasks they often say,”and I oop”. As well as being fashionable, they also are environmentally friendly. Many use metal straws and do not like to use plastic, to save the turtles and sea life. 

VSCO girls do not look well put together but wear name brand clothes and always look cute. Are you a VSCO girl?

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