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Teacher, students share anticipation, importance of upcoming trip

The eighth graders head down to Simi Valley for the 30th annual Ronald Reagan Trip, Nov. 14. This trip occurs in anticipation of the upcoming Constitution test that eighth graders take at the end of the semester. 

Faith Monroy

The itinerary above provides in depth detail of the plan for the trip. For additional questions or needed information contact Rojeski.

Students will arrive at school at 7:45 a.m. and will depart at 8 a.m.; a restroom break will be provided at Travelers Advantage around 10 a.m depending on traffic. Two hours later students will eat lunch at a shopping mall in Simi Valley on Madera Road and Royal Ave. 

Junior high U.S. history and Bible teacher Hallie Rojeski teaches students about the importance of the foundation of our country. Currently students are learning about the Constitution and about the different branches our government is based on. 

“Visiting the museum helps students better understand because they get a feel for what it was really being president and they get to see a lot of artifacts,” Rojeski said. “I am excited for the next trip because it will be my last. I hope students go away with an appreciation for our form of government and what it’s like to be in office or a president.”

The Constitution test often becomes a memorable moment during the eighth graders year. To celebrate their hard work, students attend a lunch provided by parents after the big exam. 

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Rojeski helps prepare students for the approaching Constitution Test. The Reagan Trip helps students better understand the role of being a president in office.

Madison Gallegos, ’24, shares her anticipation for the upcoming trip. Gallegos participates in cheer and softball apart from her classes. 

“I am very excited for the upcoming Ronald Reagan trip,” Gallegos said. “My favorite president is George W. Bush because he just seems cool and had done great things while he was in office. I actually do not know about Ronald Reagan right now but I’m pretty sure we’re gonna learn about him all next week and on the trip. 

Gallegos continues sharing about the current curriculum taught in Rojeski’s class. Gallegos tries to focus throughout the class to help her for the upcoming Constitution exam.

“Currently we have been learning about the first two articles in the constitution so far,” Gallegos said. “I’ve really tried to pay attention as much as I can and making flash cards helps too. I’m looking forward to getting closer with my classmates on the trip and learning more about Ronald Reagan.”

A piece of the Berlin Wall located outside the Ronald Reagan Museum continues to show new generations a piece of history. This artifact becomes a photo opportunity for visitors and a time to remember the history behind the wall. The following Instagram post features a picture of the wall.

Marin Sue, ‘20, remembers going on her trip with Rojeski. Sue recalls the time as a fun educational time. 

“My favorite part of the field trip was getting to learn about Reagan’s life outside of his presidency,” Sue said. “It was cool to see what he was interested in and how he spends his time. One interesting fact I learned about Reagan was that he really liked jelly beans. I remember they had jelly beans on the model airplane he flew on, because he enjoyed them that much.”

In the following podcast Faith Monroy interviews Hallie Rojeski about the upcoming Ronald Reagan trip. Rojeski shares on her previous experiences and the upcoming plan for this year.

Sue continues to share on how learning U.S. history helped shape her perspective. Sue enjoyed Hallie Rojeski’s teaching methods.

“Learning about the Constitution and government definitely allowed me to shape a view on what the president is supposed to do, as well as his power as executive branch leader,” Sue said. “It was cool to dissect the different branch powers. I think Mrs. Rojeski did a really good job in teaching the Constitution.”

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