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Photojournalist Megan LeBlanc began the series, “Did you know…?” as a way to highlight the passions and skills seen at Fresno Christian. 

Did you know… Janae Shew


Kori Friesen

Janae Shew’s style of riding started out as western but she decided to switch to English so she could do dressage. Pictured here during her senior photo shoot with her horse Higgens.

From playing the trumpet in band to mentoring in Sister to Sister, senior Janae Shew devotes her free time to horseback riding, Nov. 19.

The idea of riding horses first came to Shew at the age of eight. Her neighbors opened their backyard to her to pick up the basics of horseback riding and learn how to take care of a horse.

Shew’s style of riding is English, specifically dressage. This classical equestrian sport requires the trainer to teach their horse obedience, flexibility and balance. Along with riding on her free time, Shew participates in competitions year round.

While explaining her love for her sport, Shew also talks about her favorite competition memory.

“My favorite thing about horse back riding is the amount of attention to detail it requires,” Shew said. “There is always something to improve and I love that. My favorite memory is winning state one of my first years competing. I was completely shocked and was not expecting it.”

In 2019, Shew received a Fourth Level Horse of the Year Reserve Champion, a Fourth Level Grand Champion, a Fourth Level Freestyle Champion and a USDF (United States Dressage Federation) bronze medal.

She hopes to compete at the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) levels which are internationally regulated and earn her USDF Silver Medal. As she heads to college, Shew plans on continuing her competitions and hopes to bring her horse with her to college.

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