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The Feather Featured Art series is chosen by art teacher Vickey Belmont from her classes and/or independent art students. Belmont picks the best work during current units and encourages students to participate in these occasional posts. Other students are encouraged to submit art pieces as well. Please contact the editors directly or via adviser Greg Stobbe for submissions.

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Using a Google image, junior Jewel Chandler captured the essence of the famous Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn through the use of pencil shading techniques.

Description by art teacher Vickey Belmont: Junior Jewel Chandler, a second-year art student, has been drawing and creating art in my class since junior high. She has a love of Disney and is very talented in recreating many of the Disney characters. Disney characters step by step drawing tutorials is a fun site to visit if you would like to learn Disney characters.

With the close of the semester comes the end of our unit on drawing. The students are to use the skills they learned from the drawing unit to create a self portrait, second year students are to draw the portrait of someone else.

How to draw a face in 8 steps | RapidFireArt website is a great tutorial on how to draw a face. This tutorial gives a more detailed example of how to draw facial features. If you want to draw lifelike portraiture, knowing how to draw facial features is essential and your might us the Draw Facial Features with This In-Depth Beginner’s Guide.

When Jewel is asked to create any art work she gives more than 100%, her work is clean and detailed. Drawing a portrait of anyone that is famous is a difficult task because everyone knows how that person should look.

If you are interested in drawing celebrities, this site is full of different people, How to Draw Famous People. Jewel did a great job, on this project; the figure of Audrey Hepburn is recognizable but Jewel adds her own  style of drawing making this portrait more interesting to look at and enjoy.

Portrait of Audrey Hepburn by Jewel Chandler

This face portrait depicts the prominent 1950s-1960s actress and style icon Audrey Hepburn. Through the use of pencil drawing and shading techniques, this project allowed for an opportunity to explore various facial gradients and expressions.

When given the task to complete a portrait of a subject of my choosing, instantly I decided on the acclaimed American icon who peaked my interest.

I stumbled upon Hepburn’s acting after watching her portrayal as Princess Ann in “Roman Holiday”. Captivated by her graceful approach and unique style on screen, she became one of my favorite Hollywood performers as well as an esteemed style inspiration.

Though adored by many for her poise and fashion sense, Hepburn’s role in society went beyond the public’s entertainment. As a philanthropist, Hepburn strived to make the world a better place through her efforts as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF by traveling abroad to help foreign countries. A contributing factor which boosts her surrounding impressions.

During the project, a major problem I faced while drawings was getting the face to portray a realistic outcome. As I set off to construct the face, I was immediately disappointed with the results. The overly dark shading and exaggerated features as well as slightly off proportional structure caused the portrait to take on animated result. One that I did not aim for.

Despite these setbacks, I pushed through and discovered a personal style while capturing the essence of the beloved fashion tribute. I realized that the drawing was not going to be perfect as disregarded some of the missteps along the way. Through this realization, I was ultimately satisfied with the alterations. I believe that the caricatural look took hold of Hepburn’s most recognizable qualities.

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