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Photojournalist Megan LeBlanc began the series, “Did you know…?” as a way to highlight the passions and skills seen at Fresno Christian. 

Did you know…Riley Goldsborough

Megan LeBlanc | The Feather Online

Junior Riley Goldsborough taught himself the ukulele from youtube videos.

Along with singing on the worship team, Riley Goldsborough, ’21, expands his musical talents by teaching himself the ukulele, Dec. 4. Goldsborough’s interest for the ukulele began at the age of 13 after watching Youtube videos of musicians playing the ukulele. This inspired him to buy his own ukulele off of Amazon and teach himself how to play it.

Goldsborough enjoys playing his ukulele in front of other people because they are often impressed with his talent. His favorite memory from performing in front of other people was at his eighth grade talent show and graduation. Goldsborough and a few of his friends performed the song ‘Ride’ by Twenty One Pilots.

Goldsborough explains his favorite thing about playing the ukulele and the feeling it gives him playing in front of other people.

“The thing I enjoy most about playing the ukulele is when I finish a song and I can play it without thinking,” Goldsborough said. “It is just a really satisfying feeling knowing that I accomplished something I worked towards. I like playing in front of people to make their day just a little bit better and that makes me happy.”

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