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Luke Wu visits automobile showcase

Luke Wu | The Feather Online

Some of the cars featured at the LA Auto Show included Audi’s SUV RS Q8 and Mustang’s Mach E.

In the past, my friends and I spent our Thanksgiving focusing on authentic Chinese food at big cities, sleeping in after playing video games most of the nights.

However, this year, my publications teacher suggested that I attend the Los Angeles Auto Show while I was in Los Angeles, Nov. 24-Dec. 1. I decided to go because I needed to write an article, but I found out it is much more fun than just eating in restaurants and playing meaningless games. I am glad that I went there.

According to their website, “Founded in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®), is one of the most influential and best-attended auto shows globally and spans more than 1,000,000 square feet. Each fall, show creator ANSA Productions gathers the who’s who of the auto industry to unveil the future of mobility in the car culture capital of the world.”

While at the show, I got a chance to see fancy cars and some of my dream cars.

When I entered the Los Angeles Convention Center’s Hall, the first car I saw is the Audi’s latest SUV RS Q8, which is the most attractive even if it has not yet begun selling. While observing this car, I interviewed a passerby who was with his whole family and a young baby to see this car.

“This car is just so attractive for me and my boys,” Nathan (last name withheld) said. “This is the first time it is showed to the whole world so I came here kind of just to see this car. It broke the record of the fastest SUV at the Nürburgring so I came here to see this car and just travel around.”

The Mercedes Benz area was next. The car with the most people around was the GT63S—a perfect model with aerodynamics. Even though the door was locked, the people around were interested.

In the crowd, I found a Chinese student who looks the same age as me who was also amazed.

“I am a senior high school I heard about this from my friends,” Ma (last name withheld) said. “I come here just for looking around. I will need a car at college so I am just here to see those cars that I like in real life, instead of pictures and find which car I like most. Because most of the cars will show up today, I do not need to go to the dealerships one by one. So, it is a great chance to come and make a decision.”

The next car we went to see was the Mustang’s Mach E. It is the first SUV Mustang and also the first electric car of Mustang, almost like a Tesla. While all of the Mach E have already been pre-sold, it will only arrive late 2020; it is a car for the future.

“I originally did not want to come to the L.A. car show when we decided it,” FC senior Mars Hou said, “but I found out it is really fun here and I like those cars. I now want to find some inspiration for my art project that I am doing. My favorite car is the Karma Revero; it looks very high-tech, so I like it a lot.

Luke Wu | The Feather Online

International students, Luke Wu, ’20, and Mars Hou, ’20, attended the LA Auto Show.

The last car which attracted our eyes was a Toyota race car they allowed us to get inside and sit in. It was as different as I thought. It was really simple inside and the fancy part was that there were two jar-like machines to provide extra power to the car.

“I most like the BMW 8 series and the M8 convertible,” Ye (last name withheld) said. “I like the BMW; it makes me feel very good and I am driving a BMW right now so I guess I will get another BMW when I go to college. I like the auto show; it can really give a chance to see those cars I may choose when I go college.”

My favorite model is probably the RS Q8; it is fast and my dad used to own an Audi SUV. So I just like Audi’s SUV. And I do not want to drive a coupe; it is too small too drive and makes me feel dangerous when bigger cars pass by.

Even though the car is not on sale yet. I still do not think I would be able to afford it cause the Q8 starts at $70,000 already. The car is going to be really expensive and this is what makes it my dream car.

Luke Wu can be reached via email.

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