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Written by writer, editor and FCS mother Silva Emerian, Style Session is about fashion trends, style and Emerian’s connection with God. Published since 2015, Style Session returns to The Feather after a year-long hiatus. Style Session will be published bi-monthly and Emerian’s previous works can be viewed on her Feather author page. Emerian also runs her own personal blog, On My Shoebox and can be reached via email

After an encounter with a Starbucks barista, I started thinking about how clothes do not change who we are.

I was at Starbucks a few weeks ago (big shocker, I know, since I practically live there). I ordered my usual chai tea latte and started setting up my laptop. The barista called my name when my drink was ready and when I approached the counter to pick it up, she caught my eye.

“Where do you shop?” she asked. “I always see you in here and you always look so nice.”

I had to laugh, because this winter my wardrobe has been very simple. I have literally worn one pair of leggings, two pairs of jeans, a handful of sweaters and three pairs of boots on constant rotation.

“I actually hate to shop,” I told her. She raised her eyebrows in disbelief. “Don’t get me wrong. I love fashion,” I continued, “but I don’t like going shopping.”

She got busy and I had work to do, so we left it at that. But then I started thinking.

There’s really nothing special about my sweaters from Old Navy or my slouchy boots that I’ve now worn for three winters straight. The point on the left heel is so eroded that the metal is poking through. It makes a really weird lopsided clickity-clack sound when I walk.

I’ve realized in my old age that clothes really do not make the woman (or man). Don’t get me wrong – I still love nice clothes and I will never kick Chanel out of my closet. But while putting on fancy clothes might make me FEEL different, they do not MAKE me a different person.

Do you get your identity from your clothing? Your clothes and shoes and style can definitely contribute to your overall personality, to be sure. But does your wardrobe make you who you are?

Do expensive clothes make you rich in character? Do outdated or worn out clothes make you insignificant? I think not.

God first designed clothing for Adam and Eve to cover up their nakedness – an awareness as a result of their sin. But when Christ came, died and rose again, He washed that sin away and redeemed them. He does the same for us.

So clothing is now something we can have fun with. We can use it to reflect our individuality and to represent our style. It CAN say something about who we are and how we want to represent ourselves.

I’ve realized in my old age that clothes really do not make the woman (or man). While putting on fancy clothes might make me feel differently, they do not make me a different person.

But what really makes you stand out is your inner person. Your values. Your beliefs. Your quirks. Your kindness. Your patience. Your laugh. Your attitude. Your humility. The things that make you stand out are the things that God put in you, not what you put on you.

Our value, our worth, our significance comes not from us – it comes from what Christ did FOR us. And no matter what you wear, you cannot take that away. It is permanent and it is eternal.

Knowing Christ is what gives me worth. I know who I am and I know whose I am. I can walk into any room with confidence regardless of what I am wearing. Even stretched out sweaters and worn out boots. And I think that is what may have caught the barista’s eye.

So whatever you wear, wear it with confidence knowing how much Christ loves you and how important you are to Him. It’s the best look you’ll have.

~ Silva

Silva Emerian is a city girl at heart, growing up in Boston before moving to California in 2001. With a long and varied background in fashion, she is a writer and editor, a self-proclaimed word nerd, and mom to Silas (FCHS grade 9) and James (FCMS grade 6). Shoes and chocolate make her world go ‘round.

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