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Senior continues expanding soccer, volleyball abilities

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Avery Jones, ’20, was a lifer at FCS before she transferred to Granite Ridge to pursue soccer and transferred back to FCS at the end of her freshman year.

Transferring back to Fresno Christian her freshman year, Avery Jones, ’20, has played tennis, soccer, track and volleyball. But during the last two years, she has applied her focus on the volleyball court and the soccer field. 

Jones was a lifer at Fresno Christian until seventh grade when she began attending Granite Ridge Intermediate. She attended Clovis North High School for the beginning half of freshman year. She returned to Fresno Christian near the end of freshman year. She shares how she has enjoyed spending her high school years here because of the family atmosphere that has been created.

“My favorite part about FC is definitely how it feels so much like a family,” Jones said. “I get to see all my friends all the time and I get to know everyone’s name. You can tell that the teachers really care about you here which is something that I never had at public school.”

Jones appreciates the atmosphere of FC sports after experiencing the pressure and burn out of playing for a D1 team. After deciding that she was not going to pursue a collegiate soccer career, which meant she did not need the rigorous training regimen of Clovis North Soccer, she returned to Fresno Christian.

She appreciated Fresno Christian’s sports, because she has had the opportunity to play multiple sports all year long. 

She was middle blocker for two years. She loves the fast pace of the game and how it trained her to think fast.

“The two years I was on the team will forever be some of my favorite memories from high school,” Jones said. “Volleyball is such a fast game; it really challenged me to work on reading the game while in play.”

Megan LeBlanc, ‘20, has played soccer with Jones since elementary school, and was one of her teammates for volleyball the past two years as well. In the following podcast, she shares some of her favorite memories.

With soccer season gearing up, Jones is preparing to enter her last athletic season of high school. Jones has played soccer for 13 years and started playing the sport at just five years old. She developed an initial interest while watching her older siblings play. Throughout her soccer career, Jones has played many positions, most recently she has taken on the role of the left outside back. Her favorite spot to consistently play is defense. 

“I have played every position except for goalie,” Jones said. “My favorite position to play is defense, I love going against the other teams forwards and protecting the goal. My favorite is when my team works out of the back and scores.”

Girl’s soccer coach, Matt Markarian, enjoys Jones’ positive attitude, and the growth she has displayed as a player over the years.

“My favorite thing is her positive attitude, she is always encouraging her teammates and even us coaches,” Markarian said. “Over the years Avery has become a complete player. She understands the game and what we are trying to do. It is like having another coach on the field. She is an absolute joy to have on our team.”

Rylee Schwab, ‘21, has loved playing alongside Jones and respects her playing skills. She loves how encouraging she is.

“My favorite part about having Avery as a teammate is her ability to lead in any situation,” Schwab said. “She’s a player you can rely on when she gets the ball that she’s going to do something good with it. I appreciate her positivity and encouragement to me and all the people around her, on and off the field.”

Courtesy Jones family

Avery Jones, ’20, has played soccer for the past 13 years, starting from the age of five.

Jones’ mom, Kristi Jones, has enjoyed observing her growth over the years in all areas of her life.

“She has always been a leader from a young age, and it has been a pleasure to see her shine on and off the field,” Kristi said. “On the soccer field, I love watching her because I know it brings her so much joy. Although I love to watch her competitiveness on the field, my favorite part is seeing her be a leader to the younger girls and showing them that their identity is in Christ alone.”

Kristi is excited to see the future success Jones will have and see her grow throughout her college years.

“I’m excited to see where God is going to take her and all the firsts that she will get to experience that come along with going to college,” Kristi said. “I know her leadership qualities will take her far but her I know her love for Jesus will get her through the tough times.”

Avery’s’s plan for after high school is to attend a private Christian college. She plans to major in business and pursue a minor in marketing.

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The following slideshow includes images from Jones participating in volleyball and soccer at Fresno Christian.

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