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Skiers, snowboarders and avid outdoors-people, juniors Natalie Arndt and Jewel Chandler hit the slopes each winter season to advance their snow sport skills. As Chandler approaches her tenth year of recreational skiing and Arndt continues to strengthen her snowboarding abilities, the pair explores new techniques, winter sport recommendations and other open air activities. Open Air Adventures will be published bi-monthly and the bloggers can be reached via email.

Todd Arndt

Juniors Natalie Arndt (left) and Jewel Chandler discuss how weather conditions in the mountains can make the difference between a great and miserable day.

Skiers and snowboarders alike welcomed the winter season with open arms. For the Fresno and Clovis communities, this looks like rejoicing on a rainy day. Rain in Fresno means fresh snow at the China Peak Mountain Resort.

As regulars at China Peak, Natalie and I (Jewel) have experienced how weather conditions can determine whether it’s a great day or a miserable experience. It may not occur to first-time skiers and riders to check the weather in the mountains, but this should always be done before heading up the hill.

For accurate and up to date weather, check When the website requests for location, fill in:  “China Peak Mountain Resort” in the search engine. Users can also check current conditions at:  www.skichinapeakcom.  

Hitting the slopes this season may be a daunting task for those who lack experience in various snow conditions. Regardless of skill level, nearly everyone can gain confidence on the snow and learn to ski or ride like a pro. 

A determined mindset and proper utilities to take on the snow play a huge role in overall advancement. Besides boosting confidence, these things can translate to a superior performance on the mountain.

Jewel Chandler | The Feather Online

A determined mindset, and proper utilities to take on the snow play a huge role in overall advancement. These things can translate into a superior performance on the mountain.

For those on the edge about trying out these sports, the best thing to do is to just go for it! China Peak is a great place to start.  With a three day learn to ski and ride package, even the novice will be provided with everything they need to kick start your winter season. 

A $189 China Peak package includes rental skis or snowboard, lessons and lift tickets for three full days. After getting hooked on either of these sports, China Peak offers lift tickets and season passes to students at a substantial discount.

In this blog Natalie and I will discuss various aspects of skiing and snowboarding.  We will share our thoughts and advice on everything from clothing and equipment to our favorite runs and menu items at China Peak. Whether skiing or snowboarding, beginner or advanced, we’ve got you covered! 

For any snowboarding, skiing or winter sport inquiries, contact Open Air Adventures via email.

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