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Did you know Lincoln was the first President to have a full beard?

School is out of session to celebrate the former 16th President of the United States birthday, Abraham Lincoln, Feb. 12.

Lincoln’s story first began in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1809. Growing up, Lincoln’s father lost everything resulting in his family relocating to Perry County, Indiana. By the age of 25, Lincoln earned a seat in the Illinois Legislature.

Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America. He served from 1861-1865. Lincoln is known for leading the US during the American Civil War. By leading the north, he helped keep the country strong while defeating the south.

Abraham Lincoln fun facts:

  • Lincoln was the tallest president, standing at six feet four inches.
  • Lincoln told jokes and was known as a “gifted storyteller”.
  • Lincoln’s mother passed away by drinking poisoned milk.
  • He did not have a middle name.
  • Lincoln never belonged to a church but he would read the bible to learn about christianity.

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