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Senior shares enjoyment of music, soccer

Diane Blowers

Mason Blowers, ’20, played soccer as a goalie in sixth grade and continued as goalie at FCS.

Enrolling on campus halfway through his sophomore year, Mason Blowers, ‘20, took to the soccer field on the boys varsity team. Blowers’s excitement to play sports and music contributed to his transfer from Clovis High. Playing soccer since age 11, he brought his skills as a goalie to the FC soccer team.

Blowers takes advantage of FCS’s sport options by playing football and soccer. He also enjoys participating on the school worship team. Blowers shares some of the advantages of playing sports at a private school as opposed to a public school.

“I love the aspect of this school that allows me to play as many sports as I want,” Blowers said. “Public schools only allow one or two sports per year. My favorite class here at FCS is worship team because I get the chance to worship and I’m a big music guy.”

On the worship team, Blowers plays the drums as he believes that the instrument reflects his personality. He comments on teacher Daniel Garrison (G)’s leadership of the worship program and the advice he gives.

“I like the drums because they reflect my personality,” Blowers said. “I can be loud and outrageous, but there are times when I have to soften what I do to fit into the pocket of the music. I like how G is outgoing and willing to help you in every aspect during practice. Whether it be music or life, he always has great advice. Because of that, he is part of the reason I am where I am this year.”

Blowers’ drumming skills started at 10 years old with a fascination for a drum set in his uncle’s garage. Blowers’ carried the fascination to his school jazz band as well as his church worship team. He continued playing the drums because of the outlet it provided him to have fun and clear his head.

In the following podcast, junior Brayden Iest discusses teamwork on the varsity boys soccer team with Mason Blowers, ’20.

Teaching worship team for the past six years, Garrison observes the spiritual and musical role Blowers fills on the team. Garrison shares the value he sees in Blowers as a member of the worship team.

“Mason Blowers has been one of our key drummers in FC chapel for a few years now,” Garrison said. “He is a solid musician who knows his chops and knows how to flow when we are feeling spiritually inspired. On top of knowing his craft, Mason knows how to hear from God in his own devotional time and knows how to lead a group of his peers in spiritual discussions.”

Zack Aguirre ‘22, enjoys his second year playing soccer with Blowers. Aguirre appreciates Blowers’ kindness and friendship on and off the field.

“I was first introduced to Mason last year during soccer,” Aguirre said. “I liked that he was nice and kind to me since I was new to the team. It’s important to have friendships because how you are off the field, you’ll be on the field. Mason is really kind to me on and off the field no matter what happens.”

Diane Blowers

Mason Blowers, ’20, played drums in the Clovis High marching band before attending Fresno Christian.

Blowers’ experience as a goalie started when he first began his soccer career. First-year FCS goalkeeper coach, Taylor Reeves shares the qualities he observes in Blowers which benefit him as a player and and a person.

“Mason has everything you want in a goalkeeper: length, quickness, and agility with his hands and feet,” Reeves said. “More importantly, he has what a coach dreams of in a player: heart, drive, and leadership. He’s one of the most coachable players I’ve had the honor of working with. I’m in awe of his determination to not only be better personally, but he also makes sure the team improves too. He makes everyone better around him.”

Mason’s mother, Diane Blowers, teaches middle school English at FCS. Diane talks about Mason’s emotion and how it shows when he plays soccer.

“When it comes to sports, he is always giving it all,” Diane said. “He is one of the first on the field and one of the last off. He will sweat, bleed, and compete with his whole heart, until the end. He loves playing on a field and being a part of a team. He loves the camaraderie and closeness that he builds with his ‘family’. As a mom, I have watched him succeed, struggle, overcome, love, lose, laugh and every other emotion that boys go through. I couldn’t be more proud to be his mom.”

After graduation, Mason plans on trying out for a local college soccer team. He is already in talks with Fresno City and Community College and hopes to play for one of them in the fall. Blowers plans on joining Fresno City College’s fire academy and beginning a career as a firefighter.

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The following slideshow includes images of Mason Blowers in sports and extracurricular activities.

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