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Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Dr. Phill Hinton presents a skit to the Christian Living classes teaching students about different religions, March. 10.

Dr. Phil Hinton, vascular surgeon for Valley Vascular Surgery Associates, visits Aubri Foster’s Christian Living classes, March 10.

Hinton creates a skit to engage the classes in acting out and discussing the hypothetical situation of Michael Martin, a made-up character who followed God at first but later in life was directed down the wrong path. The skit led to a discussion of morality and existence of God.

Hinton has presented every year to Foster’s christian living class for the past three years.

Students take a roll in the debate whether Martin will go to hell or heaven after death. After the skit, students voted on the destination of Martin after death. Continuing their current unit, the students are challenged to think about a world without God and the view of survival of the fittest.

For the second semester signature assignment students will make a presentation about a religion. Dressing as professionals is part of the criteria for success on the assignment.

For more information on the unit the class is studying, check out Christian Living learns about different religions.

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