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Sarah Smith | The Feather Online

March, April and May make up the spring months in Northern Hemisphere.

Happy first day of Spring! Also known as the Vernal Equinox, this is the first day when the sun crosses the celestial equator heading northward, March. 19.

The latin words for spring is Vernal and Equinox translates to ‘equal night’.

This is the earliest start to spring in the Northern Hemisphere since 1896. When spring occurs, the increase of water, sunlight and fertile soil helps produce many plants, trees and flowers to grow.

Brennen Tozlian ’21, loves the spring season because of the many flowers produced.

“The spring season reminds me of a lot of memories from when I was little. My grandma and I used to plant Snap Dragons in our yard.” Tozlian said. “Snap Dragons are my favorite flower when you squeeze them they open and close and it looks like a dragon opening its mouth.”

What are some of your favorite things about springtime? Let us know in the comments down below!

FC Spring Break is, April 4-April 12.

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