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Braden Bell | The Feather Online

Aubri Foster’s Christian living class tries WebEx for the first time, March 23.

As many schools along with Fresno Christian close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, schools across the country begin to use online technology to continue learning outside of the classroom, March 23.

FC students have been sent emails from teachers with instructions on how to complete work through Schoology and other media platforms. Students were given the opportunity to pick up work from teachers and items left in lockers, March 17-18.

Math students have been issued online worksheets with tutorials on lessons learned in class previously. Spanish students were assigned to complete a daily five Al Dia along with studying vocabulary on quizlet and finish workbook pages. P.E. students were sent an exercise log of different activities they can do to stay active.

Chemistry, physics and AP calculus teacher Scott Bucher has made a YouTube channel where he creates labs and teaches students, as if they were in the classroom.

“At first I was going to do a bunch of different stuff and then I decided to keep it  familiar and I’ll post videos of myself,” Bucher said. “So, I set up my YouTube channel. I’ll be linking the videos so students will still get to see my smiling face presenting chemistry or physics or calculus or whatever and watch the videos in order to do the work. In other words, it’s going to be as close as it would have been in the classroom as possible.”

While many have heard of or used Zoom, but campus administration has set up a Cisco Fresno Christian WebEx account. Today, March 23, marks the first day campus teachers will use the new platform to connect with their students for live teaching sessions or office hours.

Students have been sent emails from teachers who have posted a schedule when each of them will teach via WebEx, including a time and date for each subject’s class. This is another way to see classmates and teachers during quarantine not only to keep learning but to see friends in a virtual classroom setting.

Students should be completing their work and both parents and students should check Schoology and heir school emails daily. For more information on the campus alternative learning, read Superintendent, faculty share updates on school, alternative learning model. Students can also read how Kenneth Hu has adjusted to a new learning environment in COLUMN: Senior discusses time management, secret of productivity.

To watch campus science labs and demonstrations, visit Scott Bucher’s YouTube channel.

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