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Ethan Hamm | The Feather Online

Seniors, Wesley Hinton and Ethan Hamm host another episode of FC Underground in an empty school, March 24.

This is the 23rd episode of “FC Underground, 2019-20,” covering the week of March 24 – March 30, 2020. This week, seniors Ethan Hamm and Wesley Hinton are hosting FC Underground yet again.

FC Underground is a weekly vlog that shares weekly news from the campus of Fresno Christian High School.

This week, due to Coronavirus, Fresno Christian has switched to home studies and alternative learning until April 13.

For more information about the campus alternative learning, read Superintendent, faculty share updates on school, alternative learning model and the Cisco Fresno Christian WebEx portal. For tips and stories on how professionals have adjusted to working from home, read Online community bridges separation amidst shelter-in-place mandate.

The editors and film staff welcome additions, suggestions, and events to cover or promote each week. Please email, drop a note in adviser Greg Stobbe or Kori Friesen’s office box or bring your suggestion to the publication lab.

FC Underground No. 23:

Tuesday, March 24


Wednesday, March 25


Thursday, March 26


Friday, March 27


“FC Underground” first ran in the fall of 1997 and continued until the spring of 2001. In the fall of 2009, editor-in-chief Suzanna Quiring, ’10, resumed the series, which was then produced by Paige Powell, ’10. After Quiring and Powell graduated, Brooke Stobbe and David Casuga took up the job until the end the 2011-’12 school year. Callista Fries took over after Brooke Stobbe in 2012-’13, and hosted through spring 2015. Kevin Garcha, Kylie Bell and Tim Nyberg took over on 2015-’16. For the 2017-’19 school years, Underground continued with hosts, Logan Lewis and Cayla Rivas.

For last week’s FC Underground, check out FC Underground 2019-’20, No. 22.

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