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Braden Bell | The Feather Online

Show your puppy some extra love on National puppy day, March 23.

Every year on March 23, National puppy day is celebrated to spotlight the love and affection that puppies bring into peoples lives. National puppy day is promoted by the National day calendar.

National puppy day started in 2006 from Colleen Paige, who founded National cat day and many other national animal days. Colleen Paige is known as a leading pet and family lifestyle expert as well as an animal behaviorist. She is also the author of ‘The Good Behavior Book For Dogs.’ Her goal for creating all these national days was to save millions of unwanted animals.

There are 8,000-10,000 puppy mills in the United States and typically these dogs aren’t given the proper care and affection that they need. National puppy day is not only celebrated to show dogs love, but its to help bring awareness. The goal of this day is to try and help dogs get adopted into good homes and for people to be more educated on the tragic reality of puppy mills.

Some fun facts about Puppies:
  • Puppies are born without teeth.
  • Puppies reach their full size between 12-24 months.
  • 60% of U.S. households have a pet dog.
  • Puppies sleep for 90% of the time, until fully grown which decreases to a maximum of 10 hours.
  • About 1.2 million puppies are born each day.
  • It is estimated that there are 900 million total dogs in the world.
  • The Tibetan mastiff puppy is the world’s most expensive dog, sold for $2 million.

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