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Students turn to various platforms for diversion

With COVID-19 outbreak continuing its impact across the globe, students often find that excess free time starts to emerge. A hobby that has become popularized by the media is binging TV shows. There are many streaming services that have a wide range of original movies and tv.

The chart above shows the statistics of hours viewers “binge” daily. With COVID-19 freeing up more time, these charts may escalate.

The most popular streaming services that you may have purchased include Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. With content being produced yearly for Netflix originals, users often find satisfaction in finishing a season with the first day it is released to avoid spoilers.

Before quarantining became standard in America, many flocked to the Netflix original show, “On my Block” which premiered on March 11. On my Block’s storyline surrounds around four friends: Monse, Cesar, Ruby and Jamal. 

The “core four” have been friends since grade school and are currently living day-by-day with the struggle of living in a rough part of Los Angeles. Caesar’s brother Spooky is a main leader of the Santos, one of the local gangs. The friends constantly try to “save” him while solving mysteries of the past Santos members.

Without sharing any spoilers, this story picks up on the cliffhanger from season two. The four friends are kidnapped by the leader of Santos, Cuchillos. With the meeting set into order by Cuchillos, she enlists the kids to find her past love “Lil’ Ricky.” If they fail to complete in a fast matter trouble will be in store for them and their loved ones. 

This show deals with deep topics and conflict. I would recommend this show to people over the age of 14. The season finale left people with mixed reviews. However, being a teenager, I think Netflix showed a reality of growing up and growing apart without realizing it.

“On my Block” is one of many Netflix originals. The show consists of three seasons with episodes lasting half-an-hour.

Junior at Clovis East, Brayden Carlo shares his favorite moments of the season. Carlo introduced many of his friends including myself to On My Block. “

“I started watching it my freshman year,” Carlo said. “I feel connected to the characters because of each of their struggles. I can relate to them losing valuable things in their life. My favorite moment is such a heartbreaking scene. It is when Ruby is shot at Olivia’s quince. Viewers feel the pain of Ruby by losing the girl he had feelings for through something he had no control over.”

Starting this year I started a new show called “Party of Five”. It is a Freeform produced show, but Hulu uploads the episodes a day after it premieres. The ratings for this show are not high but I highly recommend watching an episode. 

This show is a reboot of the 1994 series. Instead of having the parents’ absence come from death in a car accident, the show moved in the direction of deportation. This real world topic makes each episode heavy on the heart. 

The following video features the trailer for the Freeform show, “Party of Five”.

The show opens with the Acosta family. With the failure to renew the parent’s papers, Mami and Papi are deported back to Mexico without the chance of renewal for years. Leaving behind their five children, the oldest, Emilio, struggles with becoming a parent overnight. The show continues to follow the perspective and struggle each sibling develops. Covering strong issues, I recommend this show for a mature audience. 

“All American” is a story focused on the life of rising football Spencer James, played by actor Daniel Ezra. Character and morals are tested on and off the field.

Ranking number two on Netflix’s top ten is “All American”. “All American” is a CW produced show but is added on Netflix after its season ends. The show is inspired by true events in the Los Angeles community. It follows Spencer James, a kid from Crenshaw faced with an opportunity of a lifetime to continue his football career at Beverly High. 

Spencer was recruited by Beverly Hills Coach, Billy Baker. Billy Baker, a past Crenshaw Cougar, takes Spencer under his wing. While facing hardships of being the new kid, he leads his team to a victory. During the first season, it is based off solely of the importance of family, blood related or otherwise.

The second season picks up with Spencer’s dad who left for many years coming back into the future. While Spencer deals with his rage turning into a connection, more problems occur. Darnell who shares a gift of the game, like Spencer, arrives revealing Cory (Spencer’s Dad) helped raise him while his absence occurred in the James’ household. 

The following video posted by ESPN shares the real story behind the player who inspired “All American”.

Throughout this season, each character shows growth throughout their experiences. Struggles of family drama, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, depression, racism and gang violences push these friends to become better than the box they are placed in. This show may be about football but the emotions these characters feel can cause you to cry, feel their pain and sadness and wonder why this dark world is alive for kids to deal with in the world. 

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