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Annabelle Messer | The Feather Online

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Multiple Fresno Christian teachers give an insight on their daily routine during this time off of school via The Feather Online Instagram stories, March 30-April 3. The teachers are given a designated day to show and walk students through what they have been up to.

Teachers including Robert Foshee, Kimberly Bell, Scott Bucher, Nate Case, Kristina Breshears, Hope Villines, Mick Fuller, and many more have participated in this week’s takeovers.

History teacher Robert Foshee shares what he has been doing while at home and why he enjoys being apart of this week’s story.

“I think it is fun taking over the Instagram, although I don’t think I am very exciting,” Foshee said. “I think it is good to see that we are all still connected. Not just for students but for teachers and students as well.”

Foshee continues to share his passion for the community of FC even while observing the shelter-in-place mandate.

“I have mostly been hanging with family, connecting with the FCS community and doing school work,” Foshee continues. “I love being in community with students, parents, and teachers. Our community hasn’t changed even with this new model of doing school.”

In addition to the teacher takeovers, there has been interactive challenges throughout the week. The challenges involved working out, being active, hidden talents, and quarantine pets. Students have the chance to participate and send in videos to be featured on The Feather Instagram story along with the teachers.

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