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FC community explains importance of exercise

With the coronavirus closing various businesses and forcing governors to make stay-at-home orders, citizens often find themselves spending an excessive amount of time at home.

Through the use of the internet and social media, people often share projects, ideas and stories to pass the time spent indoors. Examples of this include a list of 125 things to entertain kids during quarantine published by Parade. Because a large part of passing time is online, teachers are often concerned about the amount of physical activity students obtain.

Michael Fuller

Staying at home due to FC’s transition to an alternative learning model, physical education instructor Michael Fuller improvises his exercise routine by setting up a gym in his garage.

According to the World Economic Forum, the internet sees a 50 percent increase in usage since the beginning of the virus outbreak. Whether it be work related or recreational, people are in front of their screens more.

Fresno Christian physical education and cheer coach, Hope Villines, lists different ways to stay active without risking infecting oneself or others. Villines coached FCS cheer for the last five years.

“Staying active during quarantine is so important because exercise is good for your mind, body and soul,” Villines said. “Many people think that outside is off limits and it definitely is not. Get outside and get some vitamin D and fresh air. Go for a bike ride. Throw the ball with a family member. Shoot some hoops. Take a brisk walk or a run. Exercise at a nearby park.”

Villines makes an effort to ride her bike at least eight miles per day. She also takes walks when possible. In the upcoming week, she desires to attempt home workouts involving squat jumps, push ups, lunges and wall sits along with riding her bike.

According to their website, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week while in stay-in-place mode. The WHO stated that exercise times may vary for people with preexisting respiratory conditions. With school now operating from home, some FCS students take advantage of that time to start some of this recommended exercise.

Carston Saelzler, ‘21, shares how he attempts makes the most out of his at home situation. He now exercises every day with various forms of fitness and his family also play sports together.

“My family has been staying active through things like at-home workouts everyday while quarantined,” Saelzler said. “We all do our own thing. I do push ups, sit ups, pull ups, jump rope and more. I have been going on a 4-5 mile run pretty much every day since the start of all of this to stay in shape. It is important to me to maintain an active and fit lifestyle. On weekends, we might play a sport like volleyball or basketball as a family.”

Sharyl DeJong

Two of Sharyl DeJong’s kids, Ayla (right) and Thomas (left) turn an old animal enclosure into a fort as an at-home activity.

Mother of three and FC alumna, Sharyl DeJong, ‘95, takes advantage of the extra time to keep her kids active. She believes keeping her kids active not only benefits their bodies, but also takes their mind off of what happens in the world.

“We have been watching a lot of movies and doing some chores like washing the house and cleaning their rooms,” DeJong said. “They also play card games and make forts. It is good to keep them active so they can get exercise. Being active also gets their minds off of the virus and makes them less fearful.”

Senior Annabelle Messer stays active through workouts and running. Messer enjoys the fresh air and sunlight, and also believes that exercise keeps her feeling productive.

“I have been staying very active throughout quarantine whether it be a HIIT workout, walking, running or running stadiums. I am trying to get out as much as possible to get fresh air and get some vitamin D. I also feel more productive staying active during this time.”

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