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Students adjust to spring break amidst coronavirus precautions

Bella Johns | The Feather Online

Fresno Christian’s spring break will start April 6 and end April 12. Online classes and assignments will recommence, April 13.

After a three week period of shelter-in-place online education, the 220 students and teachers on the FC campus enter a week-long spring break. All online classes, assignments and Feather operations will be inactive, April 6-12.

During this time of an alternative learning model, The Feather Online has published columns from international students experiencing racism due to the coronavirus, articles on students’ opinions of the virus outbreak and an editorial covering the altruistic tendencies of humanity during worldwide crises.

Although Fresno Christian originally planned to end its alternative learning program, April 13, they are now extending the new way of learning until the end of April. Yet to decide on whether to keep using the new learning system until the end of the school year, FC Superintendent Jeremy Brown have shared that they plan to take their responses to COVID-19 step-by-step.

FC instrumental director for the past six years, Lesley Bannister shares how she changed her plans for the break in light of the government orders to stay home.

“I am planning,” Bannister said, “on getting out in the yard and planting some new flowers and getting some yard work done! We live on an acre, so there is always a lot to do in the yard. Also planning on trying out some new recipes. Now we are staying home, doing family movie nights. We are working our way through the Marvel movies.”

Although disappointed by the coronavirus restrictions, Selah Draper, ‘22, is switching the time she planned to spend with friends on other things.

“I think I’m going to spend some time relaxing or catching up on the stuff I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t because I’m busy,” Draper said. “I was planning on hanging out with some of my friends but now I think I’m just going to relax this week.”

Bella Johns | The Feather Online

As of April 6, Fresno Christian will continue its education using an alternative learning model until the end of April. Administration plans to release more information and updates as time progresses.

Feeling like it has been spring break since the transition to online schooling, senior Max Munoz shares how he feels adjusting back to school after this break will be hard.

“It will impact learning because it will be hard to come back to school and get back into a normal routine,” Munoz said, “if we even do come back to school.”

Despite any struggles students face during the transition and break, Bannister shares how she misses school and her students.

“I feel very fortunate that my students have continued to work hard,” Bannister said. “I worry a little about motivation dropping the longer this goes on, and I am hoping and praying this virus drops off so that we can come back to school! I miss my students like crazy!”

Spring break will start April 6 and end April 12. On April 13, online classes and assignments will recommence and continue until the end of April until further notice.

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