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Zhu Yunxi | The Feather Online

Students transition to distant learning during the social distancing policy to keep students and staff safe, April 16.

As a result of the current situation with Covid 19, 46 states have closed over 91,000 schools (public and private) and have transitioned to alternative distance learning, April 16.

According to Education Next, over 50 million students have been affected by the schools closing down.

There are benefits to alternative learning and also negatives. Students are given more independence to self pace their school work to conveniently fit their schedules. Fresno Christian has organized a schedule for students to follow to participate in WebEx calls for each of their classes.

Students also struggle to complete assignments on time because they aren’t put on a strict schedule and some aren’t getting the one on one help some need.

For more information about how school is affected by Covid 19, check out AP test changes.

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