Positive environmental changes due to COVID-19

Positive environmental changes due to COVID-19

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Yang Liu

Shenzhen, China’s weather and air appears to be in great condition during shelter in place.

While COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, the earth itself is having positive benefits from the time citizens are spending indoors, April, 23.

Since Italy’s national lockdown due the hard impact of the pandemic, positive environmental changes have been noticed. The Venice canals, known for their murky waters that are infused with pollution, are almost clear.

The city of Delhi skies, normally polluted with thick fumes and industrial exhaust, are shown as blue today.

In the states, New York’s carbon monoxide emissions are down 50 percent. In Los Angeles, smog and pollution have dramatically decreased, recording its cleanest air it has seen since 1980.

The following tweet from the Lonely Planet discusses how previously Californias Yosemite National Park black bears would shy away from human presences. But since the absence of visitors rangers have recently recorded of more sightings of the bears along with other animals.

Though these positive benefits shown are temporary, to learn more on how to bring awareness to climate issues read Earth Day promotes climate change awareness, raises support through livestreams. 
To help fight against pollution and recycle, check out the Keep America Beautiful website for information.

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