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Senior thanks Feather advisers, personal mentors

Kori Friesen | The Feather Online

On The Feather since her sophomore year, Toryn Triplitt, ’20, plans on majoring in Animal Science at Fresno State after graduating.

As I sit down and try to write this short essay to summarize all the events, feelings and opportunities I experienced these last four years, I am overwhelmed with memories and stories I want to share. 

I joined The Feather as a sophomore and although this class made me cry more than any other I have ever taken, I have truly grown as a person and a student in this class. Greg Stobbe and Kori Friesen (now James) very quickly became two of the most influential people in my high school experience here at Fresno Christian.

James and Stobbe are a dynamic duo that perfectly balance each other out as advisers, I could not think of a better pairing to run this program.

Stobbe became a mentor, both to me as a writer and as someone with a disability. He encouraged me and reminded me that my disability made me unique, and helped me have a positive perspective on my deafness in regards to education and everyday life. Without him, I would not feel as confident about my future as I do today.

As far as what I earned on The Feather, I learned so much. I learned how to approach and talk to adults professionally, how to interview peers and adults, how to write, and how to be confident in conversation with strangers.

Although, if I am being honest,The Feather was particularly difficult for me. It is a very demanding workload. Which makes sense, because in order to be the best you have to work like the best. I struggled to catch up to deadlines and would keep up in phases. I would be very on top of everything for a few weeks, but all it takes is one day to slip behind, particularly this year.

But despite my frustrations, I would not trade these experiences, the people I met, and the memories for anything.

Besides The Feather, there are many other high school highlights and memories. From football games and cheering with my friends in the stands, to laughing so hard in class that my stomach hurts, to Night of the Stars and getting all dressed up with my friends, to the weekend adventures, high school has truly been a ride to remember.

The Feather

Toryn Triplitt, ’20, has been riding horses since the age of five at Copperwood Training Stables.

I attended multiple public school dances and football games in addition to ours and while they are very different I feel blessed to have some very unique memories from high school.

I have been riding horses since I was five years old and that did not let up or change these past four years. I have always joked with my family that “horses keep me sane.” But looking back, it really is true. I spent almost every day after school out there. It is a sport that has truly grown up with me and shaped me to be who I am today. I do mean it when I say that horses have taught me so many valuable life lessons. I would like to say a thank you to Jeannette Herbold at Copperwood Training Stables who has been putting up with me and my antics since I was five years old. She pushed me and trained us hard, but without her, I would not be the rider or person I am today.

My parents and older brother, Dawson Triplitt, who graduated in the class of 2017 from Fresno Christian, were my biggest supporters in high school. They encouraged me daily and made sure I stayed on top of my school and extracurricular activities.

My best friends both at Fresno Christian, and even other schools, thank you for loving me daily and being the best support system. 

If I can give some advice to underclassmen, take the hard classes, push yourself. Try out The Feather, it isn’t for everyone but it is so rewarding. Do the things that scare you, try new things, welcome adventure, make new friends and embrace change. And never ever forget who you are or change yourself for anyone. Things are scary and the world changes very quickly, but these four years really do fly by. Make the most of them.

After graduating from Fresno Christian, Triplitt will be attending Fresno State University and majoring in Animal Science.

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Toryn Triplitt can be reached via email.

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