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Kamryn Schultz works as a creative dreamer by writing her first serialized novel at the start of sophomore year. Balancing fiction writing with news articles, Schultz aims to build a career in creative writing through journalism. As a senior and editor in chief, she strives to lead others through her passion for writing. She involves herself in many extracurricular activities, including CSF, singing in worship and choir, leadership and volleyball. This year she looks forward to working with The Feather staff and improving in writing and social skills. Schultz plans on majoring in Communications with a minor in Worship Ministries. This author can be reached via Twitter: schultz_kamryn This author can also be reached by via email: kamryn.schultz.2019@fresnochristian.com

Camp Fire destroys City of Paradise, community rallies in support

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Considered the deadliest fire in California’s history, the Camp Fire located in the North Valley (Butte County) has affected nearly 26,000 people and destroyed a town’s entire existence. The City of Paradise (population 27,000) now lies in ruin, as the fires crept over and swallowed most everything in its path, along with nearly 90 lives. 

Vaimalama Chaves wins Miss Tahiti 2018

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Representing her country through both brains and beauty, this year’s Miss Tahiti 2018, Vaimalama Chaves, strives to make her people proud and bring awareness to issues she stands for. Miss Tahiti is one of the most avidly awaited public events in the country and the most lavish and expensive regional event in all of the French Territories.

Students gain experience through working in high school

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As much as we try to escape it, money provides a constant reminder that not everything in life comes free. As students continue to play sports, participate in activities and travel to new places, some consider getting a job to support their hobbies and plans for the future.

Kaylie Clem excels as libero

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Playing on varsity for a fourth consecutive year and leading the team as co-captain, senior Kaylie Clem strives to act as a role model to her teammates. Gaining the second spot in league drives Clem to become a better player while also encouraging those around her.

Redemption: Deep waters

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Senior Kamryn Schultz finishes up her serialized book titled Redemption. Chapters will be revealed every two weeks. Make sure to check back twice a month and leave comments on what you think about it. If you missed the fifteenth chapter, read Trust. Interlaken reminded me of a fairytale my mom used to read me. There were these pixies, and they were trying to reach a mountain full of treasure. And just below the mountain, resting peacefully along the shallow waters, was a lake town.

COLUMN: Calvin Crest leaders reflect on experience

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Unhindered by the chance of fire, the class of 2023 received the full Calvin Crest experience. Last year, fire threatened the very lively hood of the Calvin Crest Camp. Limited to only a weekend last year the students experienced only a small portion of the whole week. This year due to a large portion of outdoor class areas burned, many different trails changed location and new material was needed. For example the Miwok village students previously experienced burned to the ground and a new Miwok village closer to the camp is in the makings of being created.

Eunie McEntee impacts cheerleader’s lives

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Since 1977, the FCS community has gained numerous faculty members that have influenced the school. Eunie McEntee is a staff member who went above and beyond to accomplish this. Her legacy at the school impacted students and teachers and shaped many of them into the people they are today.

58th annual Greek Fest raises funds for church

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For the 58th consecutive year, Fresno Greek Fest celebrated and showcased Greek life through dancing, live music, shopping and traditional food. This year, over 30,000 members from the San Joaquin Valley community participated over the span of three days, Aug. 24-26.

BREAKING: Drama presents ‘A Night of One Acts’

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The campus drama class is ending the year with A Night of One Acts, starring two one acts performed by junior high and high school students, May 20 and May 21. The junior high production is titled, "The Internet is Distract-- Oh Look a Kitten!" by Ian Mc Wethy, and the high school production is titled, "Check Please" by Jonathan Rand.

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