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“Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success,” -- Virat Kohli. Working full time as an accountant in summer at his parents farm labor contracting company, Kyler Garza, ’21, plans attending Fresno State, earning a degree in business accountancy. Garza commits his time after school entering payroll for five-six hours every week. He balances his interest in math by accompanying the church choir, playing piano. Last year Garza began to teach piano lessons. In his third year mentoring junior high students in Brother to Brother, he commits two hours every month during lunch. Garza hopes to double his writing skill this year on his second year on The Feather. He aims to grow in his work ethic and learn more about writing.

COMMENTARY: The new generation of gaming

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The new generation of high definition consoles are around the corner. With the PS5 (Playstation 5) and the Xbox Series X to be released between October and December of 2020, both the Sony and Microsoft gaming systems are rumored to deliver the next level of graphics for a console. 

COLUMN: Student shares story of immigrant mother, value of perseverance

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Day to day, without energy and barely any drive to go any longer, the journey of life pushes people in uncomfortable and tough situations. With the stress of doing things right, and performing to the best of our ability at home, school, athletics, and church drains us.

New Kikku Kitchen location exceeds expectations, expands menu items

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Kikku Kitchen opened their doors 19 years ago on 2336 Tulare Street by owners Sylvia and Andri Wahyudi. The restaurant was voted to win a restaurant remodel and decided to bring their signature spicy crispy chicken to the north of Fresno. The Wahyudis made the decision to expand after numerous customers requested a location in the northern part of Fresno. After the couple's children were old enough to attend school, the pair decided to take action in opening a new location. 

Heirloom excites with farm-driven concept, disappoints with flavor

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The smell of the food hangs in all corners of the room, to the side of the room there is a mural of a plant growing in cupped hands. A symbolic reference of their locally grown food, Heirloom provides its meals from farms around the central valley

Sadies 2019: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

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Dynamic duos dressed as Mario and Luigi, Spider-Man and Mary Jane, and ketchup and mustard boarded the buses for Sadies, Nov. 9. Excitement filled the air as the food, rides and thrills of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk awaited the (number) students. The family-operated Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk opened up to entertain locals and visitors in 1907 and has run year-round ever since. The boardwalk also holds the title of the oldest amusement park in California and one of the last seaside amusement parks on the west coast of the United States.

BREAKING: ‘Dynamic duos’ head to Sadies, Nov. 9

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Roller coasters, mini golf, food vendors and more await students heading to Sadies at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk,  Nov. 9. Couples and groups dress up under the theme ‘Dynamic Duos’ and head to the coast for games, friends and fun. For $40 a person, attendees receive a bus ride to Santa Cruz. For an upgraded experience, students pay $75 for the bus ride and a Boardwalk pass, giving them unlimited access to Boardwalk rides and attractions. 

Professionals, students share impact of social media on college admissions

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As students begin thinking about college opportunities, they may start to question colleges' examination of their social media pages. According to College Raptor, they are. 

Defining compassion and empathy in real-life situations

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At a time of need, compassion, sympathy and empathy are not always interchangeable, nor do they mean the same thing. The definition of compassion, sympathy and empathy in real-life circumstances and responses differ as people and their opinions conflict. The difference is often marked by a willingness to suffer with another as opposed to just understanding what a person is going through.