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In 2016, Yuteng (Mars) Hou first came to the United States to begin his studies abroad as a high school freshman. Without English language preparation, Hou gradually learns to understand and adopt a new language and American culture, including foreign laws, behavior, news, food and religion. His new motto is “Don’t be afraid of the unknown, learn to face it.” His claim to fame is winning second prize in his middle school’s logo contest. From more than 1000 design entries, his won the second prize and a certificate. His goal is to enter art university and plan to study architectural design. During his leisure time, he listens to music while continues to build his pencil drawing ability.

COLUMN: Basic painting techniques produce lifelike creations

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In my view, painting art is the most concise way to directly express self-aesthetic consciousness. Painting can make us feel relaxed and happy as we create or learn basic techniques. In order to paint things that make sense, you must first understand that painting is a technique that uses a surface as a supporting surface and then adds color to it. 

COLUMN: Local Chinese international student shares COVID-19 concerns

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COVID-19 commonly referred to as coronavirus, emerged in China in December 2019 and cases in the United States began to grow in February 2020. Today, the number of cases in the United States is gradually increasing, adding to a global pandemic. Yet many in the United States did not originally take the virus seriously. This is a concern.

COLUMN: Architecture focus drives service dreams, reflects social change

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As the world progresses in technology, social normalcy and living standards, architecture mirrors the evolution of history. Architecture improves lives, reflects social change and has great importance in each era. It represents the changes experienced in history and the past's influence on the people. While high school students busy themselves with daily assignments, many resist creating a vision for their future. There are infinite ways to develop a passion that not only drives next steps, but uses a student's interests and abilities. Students can not only make a name for themselves, but also serve their own and far-reaching communities.

COLUMN: Chinese, American education compared, challenges recognized

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Chinese and American culture and their education differences can make it difficult for international students. From uniforms to goals to teaching strategies and expectations, both students and their hosts need to know the challenges of international study abroad. While some parts of education and learning are the same, I was unprepared for many of the academic adjustments and cultural differences coming from China into the American school system.

Feature art No. 3, 2019-20 — Zentangle Method

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Line art by Mars Hou The Feather Featured Art series is chosen by art teacher Vickey Belmont from her classes and/or independent art students. Belmont picks the best work during current units and encourages students to participate in these occasional posts. Other students are encouraged to submit art pieces as well. Please contact the editors [...]

COLUMN: International student strives to improve English skills, communication

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“Do you want to go to America?” my father asked me as we ended a party we were at and returned home. I always thought going to America was a joke so I answered, “Of course, if you can send me.” While in China, I hadn't taken English lessons seriously and naively thought I did not need them. Plus, I never expected to leave China and Chinese education. When my dad told me I needed to learn English, I thought he must have heard the story of his friend’s children studying abroad at the party and I thought he was 'brainwashed' by them. He wasn’t.