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Freshman writer for The Feather Online, Shane Phillips,’23, looks for new techniques to help in his passion with his newfound love for drawing celebrity portraits, in which he shares on social media. Phillips strives to fulfill his dream of getting a degree in art and design to work for Disney. Inspired by former Feather members, he looks forward to learn new writing, editing, and interviewing techniques.

Join the Discussion: Alternative learning at home

By |2020-04-07T14:03:36-07:00March 26th, 2020|Features|

With the continuing outbreak of the corona virus, schools around the world shut down to keep students and faculty safe. Many schools, including Fresno Christian, continue education on various online platforms. Utilizing Schoology, FCS teachers continue assigning and grading work.

Breaking: Nashville Festival of Gold choir trip canceled

By |2020-04-07T14:21:34-07:00March 16th, 2020|Feature Podcast, News|

In response to California Governor Gain Newsom's California school closures and subsequent announcement by FCS Superintendent Jeremy Brown to a campus transition to alternative learning model due to COVID-19, the upcoming choir trip to Nashville, TN, to participate in the WorldStrides Festival of Gold is canceled, March 16.

Join The Discussion: Serve Day 2020

By |2020-04-07T14:15:48-07:00March 4th, 2020|Community Events, Features|

With over 300 middle school and high school students participating in the seventh annual FC serve day, Feb. 27, many students departed campus to volunteer at various organizations. High school students traveled to eight different locations around Fresno to serve the community.

Middle school students sell candy grams, proceeds support Pinedale Elementary School

By |2020-02-26T13:47:27-08:00February 10th, 2020|News|

For the past 20 years, middle school teacher and director of the CJSF team Hallie Rojeski has been selling candy grams as a fundraiser to raise funds for community groups. This year, proceeds will fund the purchase of books and school supplies for students at Pinedale Elementary School. Candy gram purchases can be made at lunch for $1. CJSF members occupy a table in the PC gym with order forms to fill out with a handwritten note. The slips can be turned in to the high school office, Rojeski or middle school students collecting forms at lunch. 

Winter guard fine-tunes choreography for first performance

By |2020-02-27T23:46:40-08:00January 31st, 2020|Features|

As the winter guard team prepares for their February performances, they advance their skills by building upon the past semester. Performing in the 73rd annual Pismo Clam Festival, Fresno Veterans Day Parade, Clovis Children’s Electric Lights Parade and many of the campus football games, the guard now focuses on fine-tuning their performance for their first show, Feb. 1. Five-year winter guard coach Michelle Rodriguez guides the team as they clean up their routine for the first presentation. She walks through each element of the dance until the students memorize the steps.

Elementary students participate in Apex Fun Run, raise funds for school

By |2020-02-27T23:47:31-08:00January 14th, 2020|News, Promo|

Elementary students, parents and staff gear up to participate in the annual Apex Fun Run, Jan. 16. Taking place in the FC gym, students receive a special shirt to put on which marks the number of laps they have completed. Over 150 students will run the race and acquire money for the school. The race is split into four different times; kindergarten at 8:45 a.m., 1st-2nd grade at 9:30 a.m., 3rd grade at 10:15 a.m. and 4th-5th grade at 11:00 a.m.

Join the Discussion: Thanksgiving 2019

By |2020-03-02T09:31:31-08:00November 22nd, 2019|Features|

As Thanksgiving approaches, students look forward to relaxing and spending time with loved ones. Students and staff share favorite aspects of Thanksgiving. The majority of families celebrate the holiday with a feast including foods like turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Depending on the culture, different foods may be served on the dinner table.

World Kindness Day: Improve community goodwill, health, personal value, Nov. 13

By |2020-02-27T23:30:25-08:00November 12th, 2019|Features|

Founded by the World Kindness Movement in 1998, World Kindness Day focuses on the positive power and good deeds to promote community awareness, Nov. 13. According to OperationWarm, kindness sparks hope and creates joy which improves community lifestyles. World Kindness Day is all about celebrating kindness, improving relationships and acts as an avenue of service to boost moral, respect and good will. For those who serve others on moral or ethical grounds, the writers of the New Testament in 1 Peter 4:10 and Galatians 5:13 implore them to use their gifts to serve others.