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For the past 11 years, sophomore Addison Schultz built up an art inventory and started selling her work online. Her watercolor and calligraphy pieces soon became recognized by a business manager, who offered to sell her work in a local shop in downtown Fresno. Participation in junior high art class sparked a passion that traveled far beyond the classroom. Schultz partners with Kia Cotton, an art business owner, and they take time to teach youth at local events and birthday parties. She began mentoring junior high girls in Sister to Sister, volunteering with CSF, and helping to start a girls Bible study on campus in September 2018. Schultz intends to pursue her art business into college and sell her inventory in three shops by her senior year of high school. Looking forward to her second year on The Feather staff, Schultz plans to write community-based articles that benefit people off the school campus.

Alina Ochoa serves residents at Holiday Retirement

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Students all over high school campuses find jobs at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and animal shelters to earn money and gain work experience. Rather than pursuing the usual route, senior Alina Ochoa chose to seek work at Holiday Retirement Home. Ochoa works as a server at Holiday, serving food at mealtimes and helping to carry any belongings for the residents. Besides learning life skills, Ochoa gains friendships and work experience.

Superintendent Jeremy Brown strives to advance FC campus

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Entering his fifth year serving the Fresno Christian community, superintendent Jeremy Brown anticipates a changing and developing campus. Pursuing both quality and growth, Brown strives to prepare students for the struggles and pressures of their generation.

How to: Make an infographic using Canva

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Canva offers unique way to present information Starting with the creation of PowerPoint in 1987 to today, students have been using technology to present ideas and designs to others. Whether through Prezi, PowerPoint, or Google Slides, students have a variety of resources available to convey their ideas. One resource many students are unaware of, but offers [...]

WWII veteran Dr. Fitzalbert Marius encourages students toward service

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WWII veteran and former heart surgeon speaks on campus From tailor to soldier to heart surgeon, 96-year-old Dr. Fitzalbert M. Marius arrives on campus, encouraging students to practice a life of service, Nov. 9. As the first heart surgeon in the City of Fresno, Dr. Marius brought a life-saving operation to the Central Valley. Writer, speaker, [...]

Sadies 2018: California’s Great America

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Roller coasters, rides, and thrills awaited the 168 students heading to Sadies 2018, Oct. 27. Charter buses and cars buzzing with anticipation left Fresno Christian at 8 a.m., making the three hour drive to California’s Great America. Dressed in occupation themed costumes, students spent the day enjoying rides and water slides with friends and peers.

San Joaquin Valley provides family-friendly fall activities

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Season change brings themed events, festivities From pumpkin patches to hot air balloons, the Central Valley provides family-friendly activities for students, kids, and adults to enjoy. Green leaves fade to yellow, red then brown. Gusts of wintry wind blow against branches, sending them spiraling to the ground. Students sing festive songs [...]

Homecoming Happily Ever After: 34th annual FC homecoming

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Over a thousand people flock to the Fresno Christian field for the 34th annual homecoming night, “Homecoming Happily Ever After”, Oct. 5. Weeks of preparation and festivities make way for a night of floats, football, and fun. Homecoming queen candidates, Kamryn Schultz (left to right), Julia Fikse, Macie Thompson, Sophia Kalugin, and Ashley Zamarripa are presented during half-time, each sharing an encouraging message with their class, Oct. 5. The scent of cotton candy and warm food filled the air as alumni, students and grandparents surveyed each of the classes Disney themed floats. Students worked the floats, selling different foods from New York style pizza to homemade baklava. All proceeds from the night go towards Kids On A Mission, an organization working towards empowering kids to use their time, talents, and treasures to help people in need.

News Engagement Day recognizes the importance of news involvement

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NED challenges students to take responsibility for their public voice Anxiety, stress, self-image, and other teen issues plague students around the world, silencing their public voice. Journalists and news reporters fight against the constant decline of community interest in the news with days like News Engagement Day, Oct. 2. Encouraged to watch videos, tweet messages, [...]

Join the Discussion: College Fair 2018

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From the west coast to the central valley, 22 colleges participate in the Fresno Christian college fair, Sep. 17. Students visit booths and representatives during lunch time, receiving further information about possible college opportunities. Local college fairs at Hope Lutheran Church and the Fresno Convention Center are available to students in the area interested in the programs and majors of different schools. College representatives inform students about the benefits unique qualities of each school. While the college fair excites underclassmen about schooling possibilities, upperclassmen are urged to make decisions about their futures. Seniors make note of important deadlines for transcripts, applications, and scholarship opportunities.

Clovis residents rally together to honor 9/11 servicemen

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“We must never forget Patriot Day.” The ceremony includes a wreath procession on firetrucks, followed by a motor escort and lowering of the flag, Sept. 11. At 8:46 a.m., two Boeing 767 planes headed into the World Trade Centers in New York City, Sept. 11, 2001. Killing almost 3,000 people, this [...]

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