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“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi. Andrew Rieker, ‘21, plans on going to Fresno State, earning a degree in aeronautical engineering. Andrews plans a career with Boeing and is interested in improving and constructing airplane engines. Math intrigues Andrew because of the challenge of figuring besting current technology. As a new Feather member, he accepts the challenge to earn his teammates respect, and believes he will also become a better writer in the process.

Rylee Schwab 1st on CIF Central Section goals leaderboard

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Whether from a break away, set piece or cross, striker Rylee Schwab, No. 17, has put the ball in the net 45 times this season (Jan. 30). As a sophomore, she scores more than half of the Eagle's goals, and has earned 25 more than the next highest scorer in the division.

Join The Discussion: Terry Richards

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Teacher, mentor, and devoted Christian Terry Richards continues to impact Fresno Christian students and staff. As Richards is currently in the hospital, students reflect on their favorite memories and stories involving their science teacher. With the family requesting no visitors, prayers would be appreciated as he recovers. As well as running the Brother to Brother program on campus, Richards is the junior high Bible and science teacher. Entering his 58th year of teaching, Richards aims to impact students for Christ and encourage them to act as people of integrity. Teaching at FCS for 19 years, Richards continues to challenge students academically and spiritually.

Boys soccer competes in Jim Inglis tournament, Dec. 7-8

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With the soccer season already underway, the FC boys soccer team looks to improve their skills by competing in the Jim Inglis Tournament in Lemoore, Dec. 7-8. The team usually competes in the Bakersfield Garces Memorial Tournament, however, soccer leadership decided to invest in the Jim Inglis Lemoore Tournament. Head of soccer Matt Markarian wanted different types of competition for the team.

The Third Target offers suspense, while exposing ISIS’ plan

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The Third Target by Joel Rosenberg shares the fictional story of New York Times journalist J.B. Collins and his “adventure” in the Middle East. Head reporter of foreign affairs in Israel and it's neighboring countries, J.B. encounters multiple life threatening situations making the novel a thrilling story.

Fresno FC Foxes complete first full season

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Fresno FC, the San Joaquin Valleys first pro soccer team, ended their season with a friendly against Mexico's stars, Club Leon, Nov. 14. León, the seven-time Liga MX México Primera winners earned the title in 1948, 1949, 1952, 1956, 1992, Apertura 2013 and most recently Clausura 2014.

Fresno author shares inspirational story of hope, heartache and betrayal

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The Caleb Years written by David Ingerson shares the story of the incredible journey in his son life from difficulties at birth to problems in his early years driven by his Caleb's medical difficulties at birth. Caleb Ingerson emerged from the womb kicking. Hindered however, by a few major medical issues, he was immediately placed into medical care. He received assistance breathing and had surgery within his first month in this world.

Homecoming Happily Ever After: Spirit Friday

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Classmates gather in the hallway. Ballots are distributed and they choose their homecoming candidates to support. Leadership advisors oversee the voting of homecoming candidates. Students cast one vote for their class princess of choice and a vote for homecoming king and queen. After a week of activities and events, the final day of homecoming is here. In reflection, dress-up days included students and teachers participating for class points. Students wear their FC spirit wear for Friday's theme: "Spirit Friday". After spectating the the king and queen royal battle, students show their school spirit in preparation for the excitement coming in the night to come.

Cast of Unbroken: Path to Redemption provide closure to WWII veteran

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In the past few years, the popularity of faith-based movies has increased nationwide, according to a LA Times article. The latest film fitting into this category is Unbroken: Path to Redemption, the true story of a WWII P.O.W. and his struggles after the war. The directors and producers of Unbroken: Path to Redemption recognized Fresno as one of the top communities for watching Christian films. They held a red carpet premiere at Maya Cinemas on Sept. 16. Numerous actors and producers attended.

COLUMN: Calvin Crest leaders reflect on experience

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Unhindered by the chance of fire, the class of 2023 received the full Calvin Crest experience. Last year, fire threatened the very lively hood of the Calvin Crest Camp. Limited to only a weekend last year the students experienced only a small portion of the whole week. This year due to a large portion of outdoor class areas burned, many different trails changed location and new material was needed. For example the Miwok village students previously experienced burned to the ground and a new Miwok village closer to the camp is in the makings of being created.

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