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“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi. Andrew Rieker, ‘21, plans on going to Fresno State, earning a degree in aeronautical engineering. Andrews plans a career with Boeing and is interested in improving and constructing airplane engines. Math intrigues Andrew because of the challenge of figuring besting current technology. As a new Feather member, he accepts the challenge to earn his teammates respect, and believes he will also become a better writer in the process.

Campus music groups perform in Anaheim for Heritage Festival

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After months of practice, spring brings the competition season for Fresno Christian's music departments. Choir and band put months of practice together in order to compete with other music departments. This is the last festival competition for choir and band. On March 22, 62 high school choir members, one third of high schoolers at FCS, traveled to the Cal Poly Central Coast Spring Choral Festival in San Luis Obispo. Director Susan Ainley and accompanist Ben Certain lead Fresno Christian's elementary, junior high, high school choirs, to perform in the 30th choral festival at Cal Poly.

Annual Econ Fair offers products made by senior class

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The annual Econ Fair hosted by Robert Foshee's civic and economics class provides seniors the opportunity to exercise their ideas by creating a small product and then selling it. Students get into small groups of two or three, then use their own money to make the product. This allows them to create a marketplace for supply and demand.

Every Neighborhood Partnership forms lasting church, community bonds

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Even before the change of the century Artie Padilla looked for ways to serve the community. Before the rise of ENP the local nonprofit partnering volunteers with opportunities Padilla traveled with his truck. Co founder and Executive director Artie Padilla works on staff with ENP. Along with connecting churches with serve opportunities, Padilla along with ENP work with schools in assisting them with literacy and reading.

Discover Fresno encourages engagement with local organizations, pt. 2

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The Well Community Church hosts Discover Fresno, an event to inform and connect attendees with local organizations impacting Fresno, as a followup to Hope Fresno 2015. Over 200 people gathered at the church for a morning of engagement and discussion. The Breakout Sessions were hosted by Every Neighborhood Partnership, Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno Rescue Mission, ESA Love Inc., Youth for Christ, City without Orphans, Chrysalis House Inc., Westside Church of God, Saint Rest Baptist Church and other community leaders. Over 200 people gather at the Well Church for Discover Fresno, Feb. 9. Director of Missions at The Well, Kyle Guerrero shares insight into the The Well’s efforts in supporting organizations and individuals impacting the community of Fresno.

Eighth graders visit Ronald Reagan Library, Feb. 28

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The infamous constitution unit in the eighth grade history class leaves students gasping for breath even after two weeks of new information. Any break of the occasional monotonous information as welcome. The Reagan Library also known as the reagan museum located in Simi valley provides such a break.

Rylee Schwab 1st on CIF Central Section goals leaderboard

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Whether from a break away, set piece or cross, striker Rylee Schwab, No. 17, has put the ball in the net 45 times this season (Jan. 30). As a sophomore, she scores more than half of the Eagle's goals, and has earned 25 more than the next highest scorer in the division.

Join The Discussion: Terry Richards

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Teacher, mentor, and devoted Christian Terry Richards continues to impact Fresno Christian students and staff. As Richards is currently in the hospital, students reflect on their favorite memories and stories involving their science teacher. With the family requesting no visitors, prayers would be appreciated as he recovers. As well as running the Brother to Brother program on campus, Richards is the junior high Bible and science teacher. Entering his 58th year of teaching, Richards aims to impact students for Christ and encourage them to act as people of integrity. Teaching at FCS for 19 years, Richards continues to challenge students academically and spiritually.

Boys soccer competes in Jim Inglis tournament, Dec. 7-8

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With the soccer season already underway, the FC boys soccer team looks to improve their skills by competing in the Jim Inglis Tournament in Lemoore, Dec. 7-8. The team usually competes in the Bakersfield Garces Memorial Tournament, however, soccer leadership decided to invest in the Jim Inglis Lemoore Tournament. Head of soccer Matt Markarian wanted different types of competition for the team.

The Third Target offers suspense, while exposing ISIS’ plan

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The Third Target by Joel Rosenberg shares the fictional story of New York Times journalist J.B. Collins and his “adventure” in the Middle East. Head reporter of foreign affairs in Israel and it's neighboring countries, J.B. encounters multiple life threatening situations making the novel a thrilling story.

Fresno FC Foxes complete first full season

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Fresno FC, the San Joaquin Valleys first pro soccer team, ended their season with a friendly against Mexico's stars, Club Leon, Nov. 14. León, the seven-time Liga MX México Primera winners earned the title in 1948, 1949, 1952, 1956, 1992, Apertura 2013 and most recently Clausura 2014.

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