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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 Junior Annabelle Messer, first-year Feather student, strives to better her writing skills as well as step out of her comfort zone. When she is not playing NPL soccer on her club team, Annabelle involves herself with The Feather Online, leadership, as well as a Sister-to-Sister mentor. Messer emphasizes academic achievements while maintaining a 4.17 GPA, become a life member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF), also an honors student. Messer recently returned from a missions trip to South Africa and hopes to one day go back as her love for kids grows. Messer wants to continue her schooling to study kinesiology while attending a four-year university.

Thompson strives with confidence on the basketball court

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From singing onstage with the worship team to competing in basketball on the court, you can find senior Macie Thompson in many different settings. Thompson is a life at FC and continues to stay involved with worship team, T.E.A. talks, athletics, ensemble on top of participating in the campus mentoring program, sister to sister.

PROMO: Cheer competes in CIF Central Section Cheer and Dance Championships

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The girls cheer team practices every morning before school for the winter cheer competition. This year's first cheer competition will be held at Buchanan High School, Dec. 1. Written by: Annabelle Messer.

YOUR OPINION: Thanksgiving Traditions

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As Thanksgiving break comes to a close, students reflect on their favorite holiday traditions. Whether it's baking a pumpkin pie or waking up early to run in a turkey trot, the holiday season allows for friends and family to engage in fellowship and fun. Gathered around the table with the smell of turkey and gravy filling the house, families prepare themselves to gorge in the yearly feast of Thanksgiving. Since 1621, family and friends assemble together while eating a massive meal leaving people full for days. The usual holiday consists of family, turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing, ham and don't forget the pumpkin pie.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk-Body Image

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc begin the blog series, “Girl Talk” covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. They published their first blog, Oct. 5. We look in the mirror and our insecurities consume our vision. We take one more glance as we pull away and realize what we are not. This is an issue all teenage girls face. For hours, teens scroll through social media and see the 'perfect' models as they pose for the camera. With no acne, no body fat, plus confidence, everyone wishes they could become them.

Breaking: Varsity girls basketball hosts tournament, Nov. 19-20

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As the balls flush through the net and the buzzers go off, the gym switches from volleyball season to now basketball season in the gym. Winter sports are starting up, as the girls basketball team practice week days after school along with their practices starting back in August. They work through drills, plays, and condition to prepare for their upcoming season. They play in their first tournament, Nov. 19-20 in the FC gym.

Cancer survivor Lindsay Weimer shares about overcoming obstacles

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Entering into the summer before her sophomore year, junior Lindsay Weimer never expected to face a hip replacement, pelvic reconstruction, on top of being diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma during her teenage years. However, without her doctors, family, and Pink Heals supporting her, it would be difficult to overcome this obstacle. 

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk–Trust

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Walls go up and barriers surround us as we hesitate to give our trust to others. It seems simple yet obstacles hold us back from previous experiences. As new people enter our lives, our trust in them is sometimes non-existent. Over a period of time, they begin to prove that we can trust that individual entirely and without hesitation. When trust is expected in a relationship, it can change the whole dynamic for worse or for better. People’s trust evolves and becomes earned after a period of time but can be broken within an instant. As everyone goes throughout their daily lives, they trust in one way or another. Trust is an aspect that continually occurs, ranging from something microscopic to something huge. Without trust, a relationship can possibly not survive through the rough patches.

Annaleise Anderson takes advantage of campus opportunities

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With an interest to try new things, senior Annaleise Anderson loves adventure, traveling and trying new sports. Growing up, Anderson participated in multiple sports, ranging from gymnastics, running track and even swimming. Anderson learns to adapt to the ever-changing activities and environments, and jumps in with a teachable spirit.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk–Sadies

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc begin the blog series, "Girl Talk" covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. They begin publishing their first blog next week.  An 80-year tradition, Sadie Hawkins, continues in many high schools throughout the US and Canada. The idea first occurred as a comic strip in 1937, illustrating a women named Sadie Hawkin who got to choose whatever man she wanted to marry. The comic strip became very popular in the USA, as well as Canada. This empowered women’s rights as well as making an interesting dance idea, where girls ask guys in many high schools.

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