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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 Junior Annabelle Messer, first-year Feather student, strives to better her writing skills as well as step out of her comfort zone. When she is not playing NPL soccer on her club team, Annabelle involves herself with The Feather Online, leadership, as well as a Sister-to-Sister mentor. Messer emphasizes academic achievements while maintaining a 4.17 GPA, become a life member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF), also an honors student. Messer recently returned from a missions trip to South Africa and hopes to one day go back as her love for kids grows. Messer wants to continue her schooling to study kinesiology while attending a four-year university.

PROMO: Sports prepare for fall season, adapt to new players

By |2019-08-19T18:40:23-07:00August 19th, 2019|Athletics, Fall, Home Feature 1|

As FC students heads into the school's 43rd year, they begin to readjust to school schedules and responsibilities. Extracurriculars, clubs, and sports start up as everyone works to balance their schedules.  Next week, fall sports including tennis, football and volleyball kick off their season with their first games. Each team gears up mentally and physically for their matches as each sport utilized summer break to practice.

PROMO: End of the year dress-up week

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Dress-up days encourage school spirit Zachary Vanderlinden, '23, and elementary Principal Katie Reneau show their homecoming spirit for 'Merica Monday, Oct. 2. The weather heats up, finals pass by, and students begin to think about what summer vacation holds. As plans are set in place and summer fever kicks in, campus [...]

Track finishes season, breaks multiple school records

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As the varsity track team ends their successful season with four seniors on the team and 13 meets in the books, they begin to end the school year with summer approaching and only two weeks left of the 2018-19 year. 

COLUMN: Journalist shares struggles, triumphs despite hearing loss

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Annabelle Messer introduces story of loss, narrative of hope As the warmth of embarrassment drifted down my back, my face transformed into a beet red color. As the classroom is silenced by the teacher’s voice, a loud, stern voice demands me to sit down. Just five minutes before the teacher’s rebuke (in front of everyone), [...]

Senior softball players lead team through encouragement, example

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The dirt leveled out, bases set up and the line up in place. As the girls warm up their arms, they get into the zone to beat their opponent.The softball team finished 9-10 last season with plans to continue a winning season this year. Two seniors lead the team, Macie Thompson and Alina Davila as they both played softball in past years.

Josh Savage demonstrates artistic ability on paper

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While always pointing out details and appreciating things most children would not even notice, Joshua Savage has always had an artist’s eye according to mother Marylou Savage. Loving art from an early age and enjoying how many parts make up a masterpiece, Savage learned to draw with very little help. Attending Fresno Christian since kindergarten, Savage is known as a lifer on campus. Savage only took the usual art classes that FC provides including Art one, two and three. As Savage’s interest in art furthered his skills he explains how art intrigues him and what he loves most about it, including his favorite medium of art.

BLOG: Girl Talk–Preparations for formal

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Whether your a boy or girl, everyone takes time to prepare and gets ready for special events. We want to look the best we can, for whatever comes our way. Formal is coming up, March 30 and students begin to get ready to look their prime for this night to remember. The theme of this year is Oscars. Students are able to walk down a red carpet, addition to watch the films created by each class.

PROMO: Soccer girls play for Central Section CIF D-VI Valley championship

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Cleats laced up, shin guards on, and legs warmed up, ready to conquer the field. The freshly cut grass levels the field with the newly painted boundary lines ready to hold the game. The varsity girls soccer team practices almost everyday after school, rain or shine. With a record of 9-0 in the East Sierra League this season, the Eagles are on their way to the Valley championship game at Golden Valley High School against Arvin High School, Feb. 22. The girls team made it to the Valley championship game last season as well, but lost to Rosamond High School, 1-0, as the final result.

BLOG: Girl Talk-Do you really want to go on a Valentine’s date?

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A holiday we either dread or can not wait for. The candy hearts, chocolate, flowers and teddy bears line the racks of stores, as everyone begins to shop for their loved ones before Feb. 14: Valentine's Day. It may all seem cheesy but in reality we are at home watching chick flicks waiting for our prince charming to come running after us.