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Door to door campaigning for the First Black Female Republican elected to the US Congress shaped senior Annaleise Anderson’s heart of service. Her varied passion for volunteer work is demonstrated at Pregnancy Care Center, singing for her church music ministry, and helping raise foster children. This year she plans to join Sister to Sister, an on campus mentoring program provided to jr. high girls. Her adventurous spirit shines as she dares to play varsity volleyball, participate in CSF, and write for The Feather all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Anderson looks forward to achieving her life goal of fluency in a second language through immersive study abroad, in Europe. Travel suggestions gladly accepted! This author can be reached at

November hosts National Adoption Month

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Nearly 428,000 children enter foster care every year, with only 135,000 actually finding their forever families. According to Adoption Network Law Center, the average child waits nearly three years and celebrates their eighth birthday before settling in a family. Born with the innate desire to feel loved and belong, humans often begin forming these connections with those living with them. For children blessed to grow up in a safe and healthy environment with their biological parents, these connections and needs are easily fulfilled.

RE/MAX balloon floats Feather journalists over ClovisFest

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Bright patterns, hot flames, and excited first time hot air balloon riders filled the Old Town Clovis Rodeo Grounds for ClovisFest, Oct. 26-28. The few fortunate onlookers invited for a ride on the huge balloons saw a glimpse of Fresno from a birds eye few. Onlookers stared in awe as the balloons lifted into the chilly morning sky. Written by Annaleise Anderson.

Layout editor Macy Little shows quick skill, creative ability

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Junior Macy Little has proved herself worthy of the student editor position on yearbook through her creativity and hard work and leads the team in hopes of winning an award. Written by Annaleise Anderson.

Local professor speaks on his recent book, expresses relevance of history

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Dr. Bradley Hart renowned Fresno State professor, author, and the second ever Feather editor-in-chief shares about the impact of his experience at FCS. Time he invested in the Feather helped build a foundation for his career. “I was editor-in-chief during the early 2000s when FCS still had a print edition (newspaper),” Dr. Hart said. “This was a transitional period when we were first moving into the web and it was my job to help navigate that transition and also produce a great print product. My time on the Feather most definitely helped my writing ability. I learned how to synthesize, research and gather information and how to take that information and accurately transition it into a presentable form.”

Benefits of private schooling and home schooling

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Typecasting shames the reputation of home and private schoolers alike. Many individuals imagine an incorrect picture of lazy PJ-clad homeschoolers playing video games and lacking social skills or a preppy private schooler on an exclusive path straight to the success found only in the Ivy League. When the 3 o’clock bell rings at a private school, many homeschoolers already enjoyed three hours of free time learning life skills. While private school offers easy access to multiple on campus clubs and activities all in one place.\

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