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About Braden Bell

From selling papers to benefit the local children’s hospital to interviewing global leaders like Luis Palau, Braden Bell, ‘20, has established a confidence and professionalism on The Feather Online as he enters his third year on the team. After improving his skills as a journalist he now looks to gain confidence in video making and camera skills. Aside from The Feather Bell is a member of student leadership, Brother to Brother, a mentoring program, CSF and plays multiple school sports. Upon finishing high school, he hopes to own his own company, studying at Fresno State in the field of company administration with a focus on construction. His interest in design and architecture formed over a period of many years while working with his family on various projects around the house.

Community gathers to honor, educate, remember California 9/11 memorial

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Former FDNY firefighter Andy Isolano honors memorial founder David McDonald Two representative twin towers join the existing flagpole at the California 9/11 memorial in Clovis, Ca, Sept. 11. Eighteen years ago, nearly 3,000 lives were lost from September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the US soil. The remembrance of this [...]

COLUMN: President strives for inclusivity

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The effects of loneliness and lack of confidence either guides a person to seek change or further alienates and isolates the individual or group. Thrust into the fast-paced and challenging reality of high school, I joined the Fresno Christian campus my freshman year, hoping for relationships that would last a lifetime.