Braden Bell

About Braden Bell

From selling papers to benefit the local children’s hospital to interviewing global leaders like Luis Palau, Braden Bell, ‘20, has established a confidence and professionalism on The Feather Online as he enters his third year on the team. After improving his skills as a journalist he now looks to gain confidence in video making and camera skills. Aside from The Feather Bell is a member of student leadership, Brother to Brother, a mentoring program, CSF and plays multiple school sports. Upon finishing high school, he hopes to own his own company, studying at Fresno State in the field of company administration with a focus on construction. His interest in design and architecture formed over a period of many years while working with his family on various projects around the house.

COLUMN: Student body president shares importance of living a purposeful life

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Students have the ability to impact their campus, community and country. Over the past year, the world has watched as young activists take charge and address nationwide issues such as climate change, gun control and free speech.

Community gathers to honor, educate, remember California 9/11 memorial

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Former FDNY firefighter Andy Isolano honors memorial founder David McDonald Two representative twin towers join the existing flagpole at the California 9/11 memorial in Clovis, Ca, Sept. 11. Eighteen years ago, nearly 3,000 lives were lost from September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the US soil. The remembrance of this [...]

COLUMN: President strives for inclusivity

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The effects of loneliness and lack of confidence either guides a person to seek change or further alienates and isolates the individual or group. Thrust into the fast-paced and challenging reality of high school, I joined the Fresno Christian campus my freshman year, hoping for relationships that would last a lifetime.