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About Brayden Iest

Brayden Iest, ‘21 plans to study agricultural engineering at Fresno State or Cal Poly to create his own farming business. Iest, growing up on his father’s dairy, spent the last six summers working in livestock care, and driving tractors. He will continue to participate in CSF and Brother to Brother, mentoring junior high boys. He loves playing tennis and last year achieved champions with his team in division playoffs. At his church, Iest volunteers in the summer as an actor for the yearly VBS dramas. In The Feather last year, he learned the importance of quality writing and the value of unbiased news. This year, Iest hopes to further improve his writing to make a difference in his community.

Pink out proceeds benefit child’s fight against cancer

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At FCS, dress up themes often accompany football home games. However, this theme presents itself more serious than most. In the past, FCS put on a “pink out” theme to raise breast cancer awareness. Last year, leadership sold pink out shirts with a percentage of the proceeds funding The Art of Life Cancer Foundation. This year, the funding goes to a more direct place.

Ezekiel Fuller displays work ethic through on campus, off campus activities

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From practicing football to preparing fries at In-N-Out, Ezekiel (Zeke) Fuller ‘20 gives his all in what he participates in. As a member of the FCS football team for his second year, Fuller boasts the title of a team captain this season.

Campus freshman receives $3,000 in scholarship at Big Fresno Fair

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For the last eight years, 4.0 students benefit from the 4.0 and Above program and The Fresno Fair. This ninth annual event rewards Fresno County students with free entry tickets to the fair on opening day, as well as their name in a raffle for iPads, laptops, giftcards, scholarship money, and this year, a 2020 Toyota Corolla. FC freshman Amanda Johnson took advantage of the free fair ticket. Johnson expected not to win anything, but entered the raffle anyway and proceeded to enjoy the fair.  

Hay Day takes virtual farming to the next level

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Hay Day starts off by providing a backstory telling the player how they came upon their new farm. The farm only consists of a farmhouse, barn, and silo all requiring a swipe of the player’s finger to fix up. A scarecrow by the name of Mr. Wicker guides the player through the beginning steps and introduces them to new things as they unlock them. 

Freshman Rachel Moate excels in varsity volleyball

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After her graduation from FCS in the 2018-2019 school year, Kamryn Schultz left her reputation on the volleyball court intact. Schultz, as a freshman, played volleyball for the varsity team. For a freshman, this opportunity only presents itself to a select few athletes. Joining Schultz on the list of those few athletes, freshman Rachel Moate joins the varsity girls volleyball team.

2nd annual Eagle Fest unites FCS community, benefits campus programs

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Eagle Fest returns to the FCS community, Sept. 20. The event introduces food, drinks, and games all to benefit various programs within the school. The first annual Eagle Fest in 2018, welcomed hundreds of students and families. Admission is free, and focuses on bringing together the school with a festival feel and activities. 

Student of the month: Deborah Ingerson

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English teacher Kyle Dodson chose Deborah Ingerson for Student of the Month based on the support she gives to her peers and the confidence she displays in her work. “Deborah Ingerson is a team player through and through,” Dodson said. “She is always there to support her peers to assist them in becoming the best possible version of themselves. I have always admired her positivity even in the face of struggles. She doesn't let the difficulties of life get to her. Deborah is a walking example of feeling confident enough to lay our baggage at the feet of God, knowing that he can help carry our woes. She is inquisitive, respectful, and motivated. I appreciate all that she stands for.”

The Battle of Polytopia shows creativity, strategy through simplicity

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Consisting of strategy, empire building, epic battles, and a touch of humor, “The Battle of Polytopia” exhibits everything I expect from a great game. Created by Midjiwan game developers, Polytopia won the “Excellence in Gameplay” award from the International Mobile Gaming Awards in 2017. When starting a game, players select a tribe, number of tribes they face, and the level of difficulty to play on. Each tribe looks different, and starts with a different tech than the others. Each tech comes from the in-game tech tree. For example, the Bardur tribe starts with the “hunting” tech pre-unlocked, allowing them to convert animals within their territory into population to level up cities.

Students maintain athleticism through off-season training

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Participating in sports requires dedication through training. Training forms the base of playing a sport. A number of athletes believe that practice after school during the season gives them enough; others, however, train during the off-season to constantly improve.Before rushing into off-season training, people should know that it exists so that athletes do not burn out. A sports blog published on Ohio University’s website offers insight on balancing training when not in a sport. The anonymous writer recommends this because playing a sport for too long without rest, results in losing desire to continue.    

Ronnie Peterson shares high hopes for last baseball season

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Ronnie Peterson expresses a long fed fire for the game of baseball. At the age of five, Peterson’s grandfather encouraged him to take part in T-ball. Now as a senior, Peterson aspires to do his very best to improve as a player.