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Brayden Iest, ‘21 plans to study agricultural engineering at Fresno State or Cal Poly to create his own farming business. Iest, growing up on his father’s dairy, spent the last six summers working in livestock care, and driving tractors. He will continue to participate in CSF and Brother to Brother, mentoring junior high boys. He loves playing tennis and last year achieved champions with his team in division playoffs. At his church, Iest volunteers in the summer as an actor for the yearly VBS dramas. In The Feather last year, he learned the importance of quality writing and the value of unbiased news. This year, Iest hopes to further improve his writing to make a difference in his community.

37th annual FCS auction offers dinner, live entertainment

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Hundreds of guests, families and friends gather in the FC gym for the 37th annual Fresno Christian Auction, March 14. This fundraising event features a silent auction, live auction, dinner and live entertainment, all revolving around the year’s theme, 'deeply rooted'. This theme shines a spotlight on FC's mission statement: to equip young people for life and service for Jesus Christ. Campus superintendent Jeremy Brown believes this theme shows what the school community strives to accomplish.

Book Review: A Princess of Mars

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Few writers possess the ability to craft Science Fiction writing such as Edgar Rice Burroghs. Burroughs, creator of the character Tarzan, also created the universe of Barsoom, the setting of “A Princess of Mars”. In this book, Burroughs’ imagination transports the reader to another world of war, culture, and mystery. In “A Princess of Mars”, readers observe the precipice of human creativity and the possibilities of science when one person asks “what if”.

Mason Blowers exhibits talent in multiple sports, campus groups

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Enrolling in FCS halfway through his sophomore year, Mason Blowers ‘20 immediately took to the soccer field. Blowers’ excitement to play sports and music contributed to his transfer from Clovis High. Playing soccer since age 11, he brought his skill as a goalie to the FCS soccer team.

The Rise of Skywalker provides action sequences, lacks plot line development

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After over 40 years of storytelling, the Star Wars saga that began in 1977 ended with the installment of “The Rise of Skywalker”, released Dec. 20, 2019. As of now, this movie brought in over $981 million internationally. After viewing this conclusion of the saga, many questioned whether or not Disney created a worthy end to these movies that millions of people enjoy.

“The Mandalorian” captures audiences with action, lore

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“The Mandalorian” takes place in the Star Wars canon timeline After the events of “Return of the Jedi”. At this point in time, the galaxy finds itself under the control of the new republic after they destroyed the empire. The area of republic influence fails to reach the outer rim of the galaxy at his time, leaving the area a sea of lawlessness.

Andrew Rieker excels in chamber choir, varsity soccer

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Soccer player, choir member, journalist, brother. These are only a few of the words used to describe junior Andrew Rieker. From a varsity soccer player to a chamber choir member, Rieker participates in various aspects of campus life.  While Rieker pursues choir and soccer outside of the classroom, her also works toward being accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, earning a degree in aeronautical engineering. Andrews plans a career with Boeing and is interested in improving and constructing airplane engines. 

Paul Loeffler interviews WWII vet during Veterans Day chapel, Nov. 14

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WWII veteran Bob Cole (age 97) served in the US Navy on the infamous USS Hornet in 1942, one year after the bombing at Pearl Harbor. Cole survived the battle of the Santa Cruz Islands where the Hornet was attacked by Japanese bombers and he almost lost his eye. As part of the campus Veterans Day chapel, local radio personality and campus father Paul Loeffler interviewed Cole on stage, Nov. 14.

Pink out proceeds benefit child’s fight against cancer

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At FCS, dress up themes often accompany football home games. However, this theme presents itself more serious than most. In the past, FCS put on a “pink out” theme to raise breast cancer awareness. Last year, leadership sold pink out shirts with a percentage of the proceeds funding The Art of Life Cancer Foundation. This year, the funding goes to a more direct place.

Ezekiel Fuller displays work ethic through on campus, off campus activities

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From practicing football to preparing fries at In-N-Out, Ezekiel (Zeke) Fuller ‘20 gives his all in what he participates in. As a member of the FCS football team for his second year, Fuller boasts the title of a team captain this season.