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Brayden Iest, ‘21 plans to study agricultural engineering at Fresno State or Cal Poly to create his own farming business. Iest, growing up on his father’s dairy, spent the last five summers caring for calves, and driving tractors. He will continue to participate in CSF and Brother to Brother, mentoring junior high boys. He loves playing tennis and last year achieved runner-up champions with his team in division playoffs. At his church, Iest volunteers in the summer as an actor for the yearly VBS dramas. While in The Feather, Iest hopes to make a difference in his school and community.

COLUMN: Dress code and daily clothing

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics 57% of US schools have some type of dress code that they enforce on the students. Some contain more standards than others, but all try to maintain a sense of safety within the school. As a disclaimer, dress codes make up a fundamental part of schools and they have fair intentions. However, dress codes tend to contain a mistake or miscommunication here and there between students and teachers.

Subterfuge provides strategic challenge, team building with players

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Strategy, diplomacy, and cunning. Playing Subterfuge involves all of these traits and more. A weeklong game of alliances, takeover, and a large amount of planning, the mobile game Subterfuge won several Mobile game awards in 2015. Subterfuge’s creators are Noel Llopis and Ron Carmel.   

PBS representatives provide insight into local journalism industry, productions

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As a multimedia corporation, PBS’s goal is to educate people of all ages nationwide. PBS created 15+ well-known kids shows such as Sesame Street, Arthur, Cyberchase, Wild Kratts, Barney and Friends, Caillou and Super Why. However, ValleyPBS also provides a broad horizon in education which includes various news outlets and adult through teen shows. 

Make a Difference Day encourages service to others

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People think that it takes a lot of time and effort to get involved and make a difference in people’s lives. However, this is not the case. Make A Difference Day encourages citizens of all ages that the participation of little things does have a positive effect on others.  

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Home economics prepares students for future

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Teens and young adults are often urged to learn basic life skills by their parents and grandparents so they can live independently. In an article on, written by Neil Howe, he states that millennials have one of the highest college graduation rates of any generation, but they contain the highest concentrations of people who are unable perform simple tasks such as car maintenance, cooking and sewing.  

Student of the Month: Owen McCann

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Every month The Feather highlights one individual from the student body who demonstrates exemplary character and or admirable dedication to classes or extracurricular activities. Teachers choose those who display the before mentioned characteristics in the classroom setting. The objective of the following article is to honor the effort of students to live by Caleb Code Standards: Seek Truth, Speak Life, Serve Others. Martin McCann, '22 or Owen, as his peers call him, gained recognition from his English teacher, Kyle Dodson. Dodson appreciates students that get involved and discuss what they learn in class. McCann earned the Student of the Month title for September because Dodson noticed the qualities of a hard working student.

Students learn foreign language, prepare projects

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With English established as the most popular language for tourism, the need to learn another language no longer stands a problem. However, there are those that see the benefits of learning Spanish. Rodriguez uses multiple class projects to engage Spanish classes and broaden their understanding of the language. The website The Young Leader contains an article on the benefits of learning Spanish. This website focuses on inspiring teens to try new things and getting them involved in projects that will help them in the future. According to Fletcher Walters learning Spanish improves English vocabulary and helps achieve better SAT scores.

Brother to Brother, Sister to Sister programs aim to unite student body

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Mentorship programs strengthen bonds between high school, junior high Brother to Brother and Sister to Sister, begins each year with applications completed by high school and junior high students. Advisors of the mentorship programs oversee activities including on and off campus lunches. Terry Richards oversees Brother to Brother and developed a passion for it over [...]

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