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Junior Bryce Foshee joined The Feather his freshman year with a crippling fear of starting conversations. Student journalism compelled him to interview over a hundred of his peers, teachers, community leaders, and industry professionals. Foshee hopes to continue to share meaningful stories which uniquely arise from high school experiences. The central story in Foshee’s life is his faith, which he strives to live out by 1 Peter 1: 22, “... Love one another deeply, from the heart.” Among many other interests, Foshee builds rockets from scratch, and hopes to encourage classmates to join him in reaching for the sky.

Authors of “Indianapolis” speak about unique WWII story, Nov. 1

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Just 33 days before the end of the Second World War, America lost a 1,195-crew ship in the Philippine Sea. The sinking of USS Indianapolis remains the greatest naval disaster in US history. Nearly 50 years after it was sunk by a Japanese submarine, filmmaker and author Sara Vladic began to wonder what else the story of USS Indianapolis held.

BLOG: Amateur rocketry No. 2: Juniors begin experimentation, learn through trials

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Under a hastily decorated tree stood an assortment of packages. A large, generic brown box peaked curiosity to its contents. My turn came, and I moved over to the tree to collect the prize. On first glance I failed to understand the markings on the outside of the boxes inside.

Riverdale defeats Eagles in 35th annual homecoming football game

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FC falls short in 56-34 deficit Matt Kent, '23, tackles Riverdale Christian No. 32. The 1-4 Eagles football team started league play on homecoming night, facing off against Riverdale Christian, Oct. 4. Plagued by injuries, FCS hoped to turn their season around after a 9-0 deficit vs Stoneridge Christian. Riverdale put [...]

Former professional/college football players speak in chapel, encourage students

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Champions for Tomorrow speakers Keith Davis and Vincent Hobbs brought a message about perseverance to chapel, Oct. 1. The California organization has brought speakers to campus since 2011.

Book review: Goodbye, Darkness

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War memoir concludes powerful messages about love, courage and society On December 7, 1941, the United States was attacked by Imperial Japan at Pearl Harbor. Today, America idolizes the Greatest Generation, and rightly so. They grew up in a world scarred by WWI, tempered by the Great Depression, and as teenagers and college [...]

2019-’20 class representatives share vision for school year

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As campus decisions are made and school events are planned, the student body elects four additional members to the Associated Student Body, Aug 27. Whether conveying student opinions in weekly meetings or leading monthly homerooms, the elected students step into their leadership roles while also participating in campus activities. The class rep. position was created in the 2018-19 school year, in part to help with homeroom changes. Previously open only to leadership class members, this year marks the first of student elected representatives from their classes at large.

BLOG: Amateur rocketry reaches for the skies

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Behind a hill in Lompoc, CA, propellant pumped to 1,000 psi surged through nine Merlin 1D rocket engines. At 10:54 a.m., Jan 14, 2017, Falcon 9’s hold-down clamps released and 614 tons floated on fire and smoke.

Football kicks year off with 24-0 victory

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Football returns to the field for the 2019 season with a 24-0 victory over Sierra HS, Aug 23. Lead by head coach Russ Counts, the Eagles proved their ability to dominate defensively despite graduating 12 seniors. Seconds into the game, running back Blake Burdan, '20, scored six for the Eagles on a kick-off return. Burdan scored 12 points and earned 50 yards of rushing.

BREAKING: Final all-school spring choral concert, May 6

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Choir groups perform competition pieces Alina Ochoa, '19 (let to right), Lindsay Weimer, '20, Max Hinton, '22, Braden Bell, '19 and Blake Deffenbacher, '20, display awards the high school choir department has won this year during an April practice. The Fresno Christian choral department will present their spring concert, May [...]