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“Never fear to try something new,” my father used to tell me. People are always afraid of the unknown. However, the unknown is not meant to be bad. It may also let people discover their new potential. I indeed found this to be true when I decided to join The Feather. Journalism is a whole new field for me. But as one of the students in Fresno Christian who is specialized in videography, I would love to contribute effort to the video department as much as possible. During my first and only year in The Feather, I seek to explore in journalism filmmaking and participate the various events happening inside or outside the campus. Therefore I would have a more diverse experience before wrapping my senior year of High School. Apart from school life, watching movies and editing video project are my favorite things to do. As a horror flick addicted, my favorite film of all time falls on Stanley Kubrick’s, 'The Shining'. In a word, I want to make the best of my senior year and leave no regrets when I graduate. Working for The Feather is the best way to help me achieve that goal. This author can be reach via email:

Night of the star 2017 senior movie parody “The Hunger Games”

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The Spring season bring many opportunities for social gathering. One of the big events is Night of the Stars (NOTS). After one year of pause, NOTS, an annual tradition started in Fresno Christian since 1990, has returned. Students in each class made their movie parodies to present at the event.