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As a black belt candidate, sophomore Cohl Obwald built up his Taekwondo skills at Break The Barriers, for eight years. He practices three days a week, and plans to continue practicing for years to come, turning this passion by training others as an instructor. Obwald will continue to be a junior high mentor in the Brother to Brother program while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He also volunteers at, Surge, The Well Community Church junior high. He plans to attend Fresno Pacific University and major as a mechanical or software engineer. This steadily grew into another central point of his life. In his free time he enjoys reading fantasy novels. This year in The Feather Obwald wants to improve his writing, editing, and interviewing skills.

Brandon Brogan finishes out FC basketball career

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FCS lifer Brandon Brogan plays in his second and final year of basketball. Brogan is driven to push his teammates forward through the hard times of the season, aiming to run deep into playoffs. He started playing basketball for FC in elementary school, but took a break for soccer shortly after.

Brawlhalla Invites Players to Test Their Skill

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Brawlers from all over the world gather in the legendary halls of Valhalla for the fight of their lives in Brawlhalla. Brawlhalla provides a Wii-U exclusive Super Smash Bros.-like game for players who own a PS4, Xbox or computer. There are seven different ways to play Brawlhalla. Brawl of the week Couch party Custom online Online Ranked [...]

Settlers: Explorers and Pirates

By |2019-01-09T10:14:51+00:00December 16th, 2018|Arts & Entertainment, Gaming/Tech|

Settlers of Catan expansion challenges players with extended features Explorers and Pirates boasts five mini game modes with different ways to play the unexplored islands. Sailing the ocean with a crew of sailors, an epic battle with pirates on their home turf, and trade with foreign settlements is all possible in [...]

Settlers of Catan tests player’s strategic prowess

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Advice I would give to players new to the game is to not go for the Largest Army or Longest road early in the game. Spread out your settlements and cities before buying to many resource cards.

Spicy Uno: a new twist to an old favorite

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Spicy Uno offers a more enjoyable, interactive game for those who enjoy fast paced action. This version of Uno will keep you on your toes, with additions of hand-eye coordination and the power of silence.

Break the Barriers hosts inclusive Nutcracker production

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Dancers practice as builders and painters prepare props for the upcoming Break the Barriers production, “A Nutcracker like no Other”, Nov. 17. The show is based on Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker".  Dance and gym coach, Katie Hale appreciates the inclusivity of Break the Barriers performances and the detail placed into the productions. During her third Nutcracker production, she is responsible for on-stage props.

Campus hosts CSU application workshop, Nov. 13

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On Nov. 13 in room 508 in building 5 from 3rd to 5th period there will be a CSU application workshop for any seniors interested in applying for or getting assistance from a CSU rep about what college they want to attend. Students will be able to have assistants from admissions rep from the CSU system. They will help the seniors with making sure their applications are free of any errors and to answer any questions the seniors might have.

Crazy Squirrel Game Store offers various strategy games

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For those who find playing board games interesting, Crazy Squirrel Game Store provides the perfect opportunity for people to compete against each other and play different types of games. Located on Bullard and Fresno St., the game store offers an extensive selection of board, mini, card and roleplaying games that apply to people of all ages. Written by Cohl Obwald.

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