Daniel Chandler

About Daniel Chandler

Videography is and always will be such an impact on my life. During my sophomore year, I was asked to join The Feather as a videographer, and that is how I am here today. During my time here I hope to learn more about video and how to work with a team. Other things that peak my interest besides videography are writing, music, and spending time with people in my youth group. After high school, I would like to become a musician, and tour around the world.

NOTS Promo 2017

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As Night of the Stars is right around the corner, students are rushing to finish their class movies, find a date, and plan their evening. The Spring season bring many opportunities for social gathering. One of the big events is Night of the Stars (NOTS). This year students will be going to the Manor Estate and the theme will be Down in New Orleans. Start asking for a date before it’s too late. Leadership students will be selling tickets daily and are available to purchase during lunch.