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It took nearly a year of Greg Stobbe nagging me every day in freshman honors English. "Jarrod, join journalism," he would say every day. I held out in the beginning, but the choice of taking on the journalism class has helped push my writing and photography skills to another level. Journalism offers a unique opportunity to purse my passion for photography and videography. The skills that the journalism class has to offer are not found in your typical classroom and they have helped to launch my personal photography/videography business with a website and a huge network of community leaders. The Feather has been a huge part of my life for the past four years and has pushed me to become a better writer and speaker. The Feather has a unique role at school and it gives students the opportunity to experience many different community events and spread your wings as a writer and photographer. I was proud to be given the opportunity to go on an Honor flight with 70 World War II veterans and photograph the event. This summer I went down south to take pictures for the AVP Manhattan Beach open were I photographed past and current Olympic gold medalists. As a Senior at Fresno Christian High School I play soccer and Tennis and I am also apart of the tech department for the worship team. My Dad has been the soccer coach at FC for 21 years and currently still coaching the boys’ varsity team. After attending Fresno Christian School since kindergarten I am now in my last year of school at the wonderful school that has done so much for me. After high school, I hope to attend a four year-college and then purse a career in federal law enforcement.

Senior Reflection: Jarrod Markarian

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My four years on The Feather Online have come to end after winning four CSPA Gold Crowns, two NSPA Pacemakers and a Letter of Recognition from the Mayor. After making the decision to join journalism in the middle of freshman year it quickly filled up my schedule with so many great opportunities.

FC Auction 2017

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The 34 annual FC auction raised over $200,000 in donations and auction items, March 25. Fresno Christian hosted alumni, teachers, and donors during the auction. This year, the school also celebrates its 40th anniversary, which was the central theme of the auction; the school’s past was spoken about several times in speeches by Superintendent Jeremy Brown and speakers.