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Much of the tasks and challenges thrust upon me as a writer for The Feather over the course of two years, motivated me towards success. In my time on The Feather many challenging topics, interviews, and articles have strengthened my ability and dedication towards a variety of obstacles. In finding that perfect story, I enjoy meeting and understanding others on a personal level. I take joy in relaxing with a good book, searching for the latest fashion trends and meeting with friends. At farmer’s markets, bookstores, and Ohh La La Boutique (a.k.a fashion heaven) is where you will find me during free time. As another year is already in place for The Feather, new staffers bring a sense of enthusiasm as well as their A game. In preparing for the coming year as Editor-in-Chief I attended Ignite U at Pepperdine University soaking in leadership attributes I intend to apply. I look forward to seeking the next level that The Feather has to offer.

Senior reflection: Jennifer King

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My older sisters, who had been in The Feather for at least two years, said that it taught them many life skills and most of all how to be a good writer. These things did seem important to me but I was not sure if I wanted to give the same commitment they gave to the program, seeing as though I just saw it as another class. At this point in my adolescent years, my skills of communication, as well as confidence, were not too high, so when I heard that for The Feather I would be interviewing people, I was nervous. I can remember my first interview like it was yesterday. Our advisor Greg Stobbe, told me that my first article would be about the use of technology in the classroom at FC and that I would need to interview Superintendent Jeremy Brown.

Clark Zhu displays strong work ethic, creativity

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The Feather Online chose to recognize a student that has expressed leadership, hard work and dedication in the 2016-’17 school year. One student in particular has reached beyond just academic excellence and has made a mark on the legacy of Fresno Christian, Fresno community as well as The Feather Online. Senior Clark Zhu is well known in the hallways of FC due to his contagious smiles and video editing skills. While only attending Fresno Christian for two years as an international student, he first moved from Xi’an in Central China. He spent much of his childhood with his grandparents before moving in with his dad up until 2015. In 2015, he moved to Fresno and enrolled in Fresno Christian because both of his parents believed he would receive a better education in the United States.

Feather takes NYC 2017: Day 6

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Although awards for the CSPA Crown Winners were scheduled to be given on Friday, there was still much to do before that point. Beginning on an early metro ride to Columbia, Editor-in-Chiefs Phillip Christopher and Jennifer King along with Senior Editor Nick Leblanc and advisor Greg Stobbe departed from the hotel to prepare for their first session to begin at 8:45 a.m. Previously the night before, the editors gathered together to perfect the last touches to their presentation slides. Once they arrived with time to set up, early attendees took their seats. The editors greeted and welcomed them before they began. With an introduction from Stobbe, the editors took the stage and began their first session ‘Elements of an award-winning newspaper’.

Renown photographer hooks Feather staff with accomplishments

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In life, most of us are faced with the challenge to decide a career pathway. For some, this light bulb moment is not made clear right away. World renown photographer, Peter Hurley experienced this first hand when he was working as a bartender, olympian and model at a young age. With an email and some organization of details, The Feather was hooked in on a personal interview with Hurley in his New York studio.

The Feather takes NYC 2017: Day 1

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Once again The Feather Online embarks on a weeklong adventure consisting of hard work and massive amounts to caffeine to preserve through. After hopping on a bus headed north bound to San Francisco, students eagerly chatted about events planned for the week. Although the week consisted of many tourist activities, staffers were more importantly headed to the annual CSPA Conference.

Staff gains insight from Valley PBS producer

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In celebration of National Scholastic Journalism Week, The Feather had the opportunity to hear from Fresno’s very own tv producers, Sarah Soghomonian, about journalism as a career, Feb. 22. As a TV producer and production manager of Valley PBS, Soghomonian has had a broad background of journalism for most of her life.

Editors discuss need for community in journalism

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The communities we cover Feather staffers interviewed new Fresno Mayor Lee Brand to hear about his plans for his upcoming term. The Feather Online attempts to cover and unite the campus and surrounding community through journalism. National Scholastic Journalism Week, sponsored by the JEA, Feb. 19-25, gives The Feather the opportunity to [...]

Celebrating 50 years of international agricultural evolution

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One of the largest agriculture conventions, World Ag Expo, has already approached, but this year it is the 50th celebration. Whether or not agriculture and farming runs in the family, this event with surely leave any visitor with a knowledge of technology, as well as information about the massive production that takes place in one of the biggest agriculture locations on the planet.