About Julian Castro

From the day I was born I had a partner, a teammate, a brother. As I’ve grown, I’ve developed a passion for working with others through my experiences on athletic teams, educational teams, and the addition of a new brother. The Feather is an opportunity to join a team and work together with others who are striving toward the same goal. “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” - Vince Lombardi I am a part of a family of five: two brothers and my parents. I am the middle child so cooperating with the older and younger are a struggle sometimes. My father is the Vice President of a construction company and my mother is a stay-at-home mom. In my education I have enjoyed and excelled in most subjects. Math and English have always been my favorite classes while science has been a class that has never really caught my interest. My favorite music artist is Elvis Presley and has been since I discovered his music during my childhood, The office is my favorite television show, and Dodgeball takes the top spot on my movie list. A great teacher is made by being a great student. Someone who is able to teach and learn at the same time is someone who will excel in their teaching careers. Some day I would be one focused around business and begin with an internship doing that. I would go to my uncle and become his apprentice because managing a computer software company is something that I would like to do. Many hours of my free time go to the sports that I do year round. I play football, soccer, and tennis. Soccer and tennis are new found passions of mine, but I have been playing football since the fourth grade. I joined publications to further my skills in writing and to prepare myself for college. Another reason for joining is the team is to learn perseverance through struggles with other people working toward the same goal. I want to help The Feather grow in a way that is unique to me and add my own spin to it.

Senior Reflection: Julian Castro, a FC Lifer

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As a student who has been a lifer at Fresno Christian, one who has been at the school from kindergarten to 12th grade, I have fallen in love with the school and the culture here. Although small and sheltered, I feel that FC has been a great environment to grow in most aspects and especially faith. I have been readied and well equipped by my time and experiences here and await the next chapter of my life.

Feather takes NYC 2017: Day 3

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Snowflakes fell from the sky as the well rested students awoke from their deep sleep. Due to the blizzard that was approaching New York City, many of the activities planned for The Feather staff’s day was cancelled. The group had planned to take a ferry ride around the Statue of Liberty and visit the Tenement Museum in the lower East side of Manhattan. Instead, a last minute trip to Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District.

FC boys tennis sport short: Coalinga

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The Eagles played their first game of the season against Coalinga High School in a league matchup, Feb. 28. The Eagles defeated the Horned Toads, 8-1, and are now 1-0 in league. With limited practices and the first game for the Eagles being a league game, they knew they had to come out strong and take a win. FC was still missing players due to basketball continuing through playoffs but still had enough players for a full ladder plus some.

Teens connect through media applications

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Smartphone applications are a large part of a new technology’s success and a big contributing factor for purchasing a smartphone. Being able to respond to emails, call, engage on social media, and relax are all applications connected to one device. Today most teenagers possess a smartphone whether it be from Apple, Android, etc., and certain applications are commonly found as favorites in this age group.

FC girls basketball sport short: Riverdale

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The Eagles faced off against the Riverdale Cowboys at home in the teams’ first match-up of the season, Jan. 27. FC defeated the Cowboys, 39-38. The first quarter began and the two teams were evenly matched. Neither the Eagles or the Cowboys could gain an advantage and the lead changed multiple times. However, both teams fought hard every minute of the game.

FC boys soccer sport short: Riverdale

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The Eagles faced off against the Riverdale Cowboys at home in the two teams’ first match-up of the season, Jan. 25. The Eagles were defeated by the Cowboys 3-1. FC was ready to play at home and were hoping for the win. After days of rain the sun was finally out and shining brightly on the players. The temperature was mildly warm and the field was a muddy arena for the two teams to battle on.

FC boys soccer sport short: Fowler

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The Eagles traveled to Fowler to face off against the Redcats in the first matchup of the season between the two teams, Jan.19. Last time the two teams met the Eagles defeated the Redcats 3-1. This time the Eagles once again defeated the Redcats 2-1. Fowler was looking to redeem themselves after the last matchup loss to the Eagles and the Eagles were attempting to once again defeat the Redcats. The game started off in high intensity and had the fans on the edges of their seats.

Family restaurant prospers in small venue

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Being successful in a small venue and hidden location for any restaurant is difficult. But House of Juju in Old Town Clovis takes these challenges and prospers through them. The restaurant is a family owned and run business that started in 2013. Julie and Scott Glenn, the owners, have a big family by birth, adoption, and foster care. The family enjoys loving and serving others.