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Kamryn Schultz works as a creative dreamer by writing her first serialized novel at the start of sophomore year. Balancing fiction writing with news articles, Schultz aims to build a career in creative writing through journalism. As a senior and editor in chief, she strives to lead others through her passion for writing. She involves herself in many extracurricular activities, including CSF, singing in worship and choir, leadership and volleyball. This year she looks forward to working with The Feather staff and improving in writing and social skills. Schultz plans on majoring in Communications with a minor in Worship Ministries. This author can be reached via Twitter: schultz_kamryn This author can also be reached by via email: kamryn.schultz.2019@fresnochristian.com

Senior reflection: Kamryn Schultz

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Andy Bernard once said, "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days, before you've actually left them." From the moment I stepped onto the old elementary campus that no longer exists, to the moment I will step off that auditorium stage with diploma in hand, theres not one memory I wish I could take back. Not one experience I would erase, not one encounter I would forget. Because those moments changed my life. They made me who I am today and who I will become.

Bethany Pouliot shows encouragement to teammates

By |2019-04-11T10:47:47-07:00April 9th, 2019|Athletics, Profile, Spring|

As school season winds down and students get in the habit of kicking back and relaxing, some choose to rise above. Senior Bethany Pouliot starts her second year on the Fresno Christian track team and excels in both her abilities and strengths.

Discover Fresno encourages engagement with local organizations, pt. 2

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The Well Community Church hosts Discover Fresno, an event to inform and connect attendees with local organizations impacting Fresno, as a followup to Hope Fresno 2015. Over 200 people gathered at the church for a morning of engagement and discussion. The Breakout Sessions were hosted by Every Neighborhood Partnership, Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno Rescue Mission, ESA Love Inc., Youth for Christ, City without Orphans, Chrysalis House Inc., Westside Church of God, Saint Rest Baptist Church and other community leaders. Over 200 people gather at the Well Church for Discover Fresno, Feb. 9. Director of Missions at The Well, Kyle Guerrero shares insight into the The Well’s efforts in supporting organizations and individuals impacting the community of Fresno.

COLUMN: #EverydayJournalism

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I always found myself drawn to writing. Putting thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper or typing them on a computer screen gave me a sense of freedom, allowing me to express a part of myself that I struggled to share out loud. So when I took journalism my first day of high school, I was excited to have the opportunity to gives others an idea of who I was and what I had to offer on a multi-media platform.

Discover Fresno encourages engagement with local organizations, pt. 1

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This is the first article in a two part series covering the sessions hosted at Discover Fresno. Journalists Andrew Rieker, '21, Cartson Saezler, '21, Addison Schultz, '21, Kamryn Schultz, '19, and Sam Cross, '19, attended the event at The Well Community Church.  The Well Community Church hosts Discover Fresno, an event to inform and connect attendees with local organizations impacting Fresno. Keynote speaker  Neighborhood church pastor, Joe White began the morning with a keynote speech with the event splintering into separate groups discussing various issues.

COLUMN: Joshua Wilderness Institute

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As second semester starts up, us seniors are constantly thinking about what lies ahead after we graduate. We consider colleges that best fit our interests and intended careers and programs that provide opportunities. Another possibly path to take after high school is a gap year, usually an academic year taken as a break between high school and college. Taking a gap year is another way to provide growth and development to students, and allows them a little more time to figure out what they want to do.

Camp Fire destroys City of Paradise, community rallies in support

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Considered the deadliest fire in California’s history, the Camp Fire located in the North Valley (Butte County) has affected nearly 26,000 people and destroyed a town’s entire existence. The City of Paradise (population 27,000) now lies in ruin, as the fires crept over and swallowed most everything in its path, along with nearly 90 lives. 

Vaimalama Chaves wins Miss Tahiti 2018

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Representing her country through both brains and beauty, this year’s Miss Tahiti 2018, Vaimalama Chaves, strives to make her people proud and bring awareness to issues she stands for. Miss Tahiti is one of the most avidly awaited public events in the country and the most lavish and expensive regional event in all of the French Territories.