Kaylie Clem

About Kaylie Clem

From behind the lens, photojournalist Kaylie Clem, ‘19, broadens her entire worldview as she creatively captures transformative images. Timidly moving through her first experiences as a photographer, Clem discovered a true passion and confidence in her ability to document emotions, events and news through strategic imagery. Continuing on The Feather team this year allows her to develop stronger dynamic writing to accompany her photographs. After high school, Clem plans on attending a private Christian university, majoring in teacher education and minoring in photography. Volunteering as a mentor to junior highers through Sister-to-Sister program and as a Calvin Crest counselor, Clem enjoys encouraging her younger peers.

Senior reflection: Kaylie Clem

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Joining The Feather as a sophomore, the last three years have held countless days completing photo assignments, posting on Instagram and writing photo posts. With this chapter of my life coming to a close, I excitedly look forward to what lies ahead of me. I am so thankful for the growth I experienced during my time on The Feather that makes me feel prepared and ready to take on whatever my future holds.